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  1. Dirt Rider

    Which Radio ?

    There has been much talk about which radio to get, but I am getting ready to take my ham tech test and it seems many Off Road people are using GMRS as well, so do I buy a combo radio that does both? heard it may not be legal, but would hate to have a CB, HAM and GMRS in my truck.
  2. Dirt Rider

    Bug out challenge

    As many of our Overland rigs will qualify as Bug Out vehicles also, I would challenge my fellow over landers to come up with the best bug out rig and why. I will start with my own. Assume a natural disaster that leaves your city infrastructure severely damaged or society breaks down or an EMP...
  3. Dirt Rider

    Which Fridge

    Want to replace my old and dead 3 way from my 2004 Grandby, sure there must be a specific 2 way that just sips the watts and fits the dimensions of that opening?
  4. Dirt Rider

    Vehicle Use when Volunteer

    Curious what the ramifications are if I use my POV when doing volunteer SAR? Do I need special insurance, do I write off the expense? Thinking about getting into SAR after I retire and understand the cert situation for myself, but no sure how the POV fits into the picture?
  5. Dirt Rider

    78 Bronco

    Best overland foundation you can buy, 9 inch rear, dana 44 front, fresh brakes, new u joints, T18 granny low tranny, NP205 TC, 351M, new front BFG tires. Too many projects, sitting for the last year, dash apart to fix speedo. $2500 OBO.