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    Electric FLIGHT is Here Harbour Air flies Vancouver to Victoria. Perfect distance for the first commercial electric airplane.
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    Long Stroke vs Short Stroke 4x4 Engine, Why?

    You have described Class 8 heavy truck diesels perfectly. And a fully loaded SuperBee is a dream to drive over mountain passes. They climb better at 1600rpm than 2200rpm. I'm curious when overstroked vs overbored became terms. I always used oversquare, square or undersquare.
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    pivoting frames and mounting campers

    Check out how the cab/sleeper mounts on a semi truck. Maybe just use semi components which are air ride.
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    Pros and Cons of a LONGER wheelbase

    Short wheelbase, maneuverability is the big plus. Choppy ride, high speed stability are the big negatives. Long wheelbase, smooth ride, better stability/capability on steep descents or ascents are 2 big plusses. When you talk about the same overall length with increased overhangs, at the short...
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    What Half-Ton Truck & Why

    yes, I just went from going 33x10.50s, 17mpg to 7.50R16s, now 22mpg. All I did was change tires and I added 95 miles to my Jeeps range.
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    What Half-Ton Truck & Why

    You are on the right track On fuel economy, the new trucks empty get great mileage but add some wieght and they all drop to 15mpg at best. Glad you are getting the max tow and max payload packages but those will hurt fuel economy even empty. The manufacturers are playing games with the...
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    Boat construction vs metal skeleton

    1. All wood. Very stable. 2. I'd not recommend wood over steel. Expansion, contraction, movement of the steel will be tough to deal with. And fiberglass over plywood will be very stable.
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    Dangerous Situations

    yep, I think this is voyeurism.
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    Dangerous Situations

    How did I miss that, I lived in Edmonton for 30 years, but Calgary is the Texas of Canada, better known as Oilberta. I'd suggest an overland trip thru Quebec.... maybe a warm up thru BC Bud country. so Shade, where are you from, North America is a pretty big diverse place
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    "New Technology Rage/Hate/Praise Thread"

    yes, 30 years ago EFI was a great standard, yes an improvement over a carb.... maybe... My comment was more related to the thread title and todays mobile nannyized computer labs. If you want to get away from needing to deck the car to a dealer to reboot all the computers after a dead...
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    Its obvious how load range affects tire load capacity, but how do higher and lower load ranges effect offroad performance

    running a tire matched to the GVWR is the best option If your vehicle is rated to run C Load Range, running D or E will make the ride harsher and send more of the shock, vibration thru the chassis. Running the correct tire will add reliability, durability to your rig..... so will staying under...
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    FS: 2017 AEV Brute Double Cab DC350 w/ Manual Trans!

    quite right, never noticed this was a for sale classified and it is deleted
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    Ram 5500, how much does that frame flex?

    You could do what semis do. 2 solid mounts at the firewall and 2 air ride mounts at the back. I hope your box has some flex designed in cuz everything flexes on the road.
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    Using an ice fishing tent for winter camping?

    I've done the canvas wall tent with 8 guys and a wood stove when it was 50 below. Any wood will make it plenty warm.
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    Too Many KEYS!
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    Too Many KEYS!

    I have 1 for the Jeep, does the doors and ignition and 8 padlocks keyed alike for the 2 trailers. 2 keys does it all.
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    Dangerous Situations

    Another good outcome story. In 1992? Russia decided to allow Rotary Clubs and the first Russian Rotary Club was chartered. This story is at least third hand so it might be a bit embellished over the years but the theme is accurate. Rotarians like to attract attention and the Blue Rotary Blazer...
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    Dangerous Situations

    I have found being a Canadian in the USA works as well as it does every where else. I went to Little Rock AR a few years ago, I arrived about dinner time and went out to find a restaurant. Very cool most restaurants had menus in windows to the street. I found food I thought I'd like and headed...
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    What is the top tool for a recovery situation? [Poll]

    File your plan with someone at home Check in daily
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    1984 Toyota Van - That's not even Overland..

    My kind of overlanding. Nice vans guys.