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    EarthRoamer XV-LT 2006, #47 Ford F-550 for Sale - $158K

    Hi Bill, The 500W solar array has not been upgraded, but the inverter/charger has been upgraded to 3000W. The catalog pictures describe our EarthRoamer with the following exceptions: 1) We don't have either rear or front optional winches. 2) The over-cab bed is a queen bed with an optional...
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    EarthRoamer XV-LT 2006, #47 Ford F-550 for Sale - $158K

    Attached please find specifications for truck and camper. These specs describe our EarthRoamer with the following exceptions: 1) We don't have either rear or front optional winches. 2) The over-cab bed is a queen bed with an optional storage cabinet on each side. 3) There is no rear seat...
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    EarthRoamer XV-LT 2006, #47 Ford F-550 for Sale - $158K

    It has a queen bed with side storage cabinets. We can sleep either North/South or East/West. There is a 2" memory foam mattress which reduces the head clearance, but a person 5'10" or so can still sit up on bed. Yes, it's a Ford F-550 chassis.
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    EarthRoamer XV-LT 2006, #47 Ford F-550 for Sale - $158K

    This vehicle has been well maintained and garage-stored in Parker, Arizona. We are the original owners. It has 26,300 miles. Interested parties please contact us at Below is the YouTube link:
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    New Earthroamer #108

    here is a link to our earthroamer adventures Carl ER #47
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    FOR SALE: JK 4 Door 2008 factory soft top

    FOR SALE: JK 4 Door 2008 factory soft top Location: Lake Forest, Ca Description: Bestop JK 4 Door Dual Top Assembly Part.No. 55395763AG Dual Top Window Kit Tint Black Part No. 1HE47SX9AD JK Dual Top 4 Door Black Part No...
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    Real Live GPS Tracking Anyone?

    Automatic Position Reporting System APRS works great!! Works when cell's don't. Check out my APRS location. Friends and family tract our adventures. Carl AB7KD
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    Copper Canyon Expedition: Crossing the Barrancas

    Hi Scott & Stephanie, What a great trip!! We'd like to do it, too!!! How can we track you on your trip when you're using SPOT?? Enjoying great pictures, keep 'em coming!!!! The Noahs
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    Break plate bent on 2006 TJ

    Break plate bent on 2006 TJ I have break pads on rear of Tj and the passenger break plate bent very bad and pulled rear pad in to drum and bound up. Anyone ever have this problem? ? Not sure what caused this, unless emergency break was on and then put in gear. Have driven a few times with...
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    EarthRoamer Opens New World Headquarters!

    Earthroamer new headquarters Congratulations to Earthroamer on their new headquarters .!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to visiting in near future!!! Carl & Nancy ER # 47 Owner AB7KD AE6XL
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    EW Jeep TJ project plan

    Jeep project Thanks for info !!!!! I really have a lot to digest. Expeditions West project Jeep will have Teraflex and that was why I listed it. Discussed my project with a few shops yesterday and they all basically have the same recommendations. Put 31’s on and do nothing else do very...
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    EW Jeep TJ project plan

    The project goal is also my goal for modifying my stock 2006 Jeep X 4X4, 6 speed manual, with 3.07 gear ratio, 30/35 axles, 6 cylinder 4.0 Liter, Command tract part time 4WD. 15”X7” wheels. I plan on using the this equipment.! Terflex 2” lift and Teraflex shocks. Teraflex s/t swaybar system...
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    Er The AGM batteries ( 550 amp) in 80- 90 deg’s with 6 deg’s cooling will run A/C about 5-6 hrs. This was a disappointing features to us since we camp frequently in warm conditions. However with the celing fan exhausting and only front loft windows open a nice breeze is generated. Also we have...
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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    Ham Operators Forum Name: Noah Real Name: Carl Noah Call Sign: AB7KD Mobile: D700, D710, FT 857, VX6R, FT 510, FT 100, Bands: 2m & 70cm 80m- 10m Location Parker, AZ Wife Nancy AE6XL
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    Earthroamer Good & Bad The good list very long !! This is an awesome machine!! We’re VERY pleased with the workmanship, it’s capabilities and engineering design!! The workmanship is similar to a high-priced sailboat. The most awesome features are: 1) NO propane is major advantage for us 2) NO...
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    2M Recommendations For Beginners Please!

    Ham Radio Like most folks we have Cell Phones and air cards for our computers. Since we spend a lot of time beyond the range of cell service we have invested in Amateur Radio ( Ham ) A license approved by the FCC is required. There are three levels of license and most people start with the...
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    Hi Chip, Expert ? Watchout we all will be in trouble J. Will be glad to help if I can. Gas mileage is very difficult because of so many variables, however we experienced a range of 9.5 mpg to 11 mpg. Unable to determine changes of mpg while towing the jeep. Hardly know it’s there. We found...
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    Hi Scott, The Expedition Portal is GREAT. Glad we can be part of it. We're looking forward to future expeditions with you and others. Carl & Nancy
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    Yes, we actually own an EarthRoamer. We picked it up in Denver in Dec 2006 and have put roughly 12,000 miles on it. We love it!!! It's the best decision we've made!!! Worth every penny!!! We can’t help you with the cost decision. We looked at the truck & camper options before we found the ER...
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    Change tire size and lift 2"

    Thanks !!! I will try to get a build sheet with VIN NO. My wife and I frequently travel alone with a RV and pull Jeep. We use Jeep mostly on trails rated 1 & 2 however we encounter more difficult areas and continue when we feel safe. Many times we scrape skid plates and etc. More clearance...