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  1. Crazy Schooner

    Two Provinces - Three States - Quick Round Trip

    Randomly took five days off work with the girlfriend and we went on an unplanned road trip out west from Edmonton. I picked up a used canopy that afternoon before we took off, just in case we needed to stealth camp. I also brought out a Gazelle T4 for the nights we found a camping spot. We...
  2. Crazy Schooner

    2016 Regular Cab Silverado 4X4

    Figured I'd start a build thread on this truck. Nothing crazy in the works. Keep in mind i'm copy pasting from another site where I posted stuff from the day I bought the truck (early feb/18) to today (late may/18). So the descriptions may seem a bit weird. I'll be time stamping each one...
  3. Crazy Schooner

    FS: Front Runner Slimline Tray + Roof Rails

    Rack is a few years old. I wanted to run it across my bed, but it's too narrow for my truck box. it's just narrow enough that when I tighten everything down, it sucks in my bedsides and I can't close my tailgate. Previously I shortened it down and had it mounted on my older bed rack, and it...
  4. Crazy Schooner

    2012 Chevrolet Colorado V8 - Daily Camper build.

    Been getting a bunch of messages regarding the truck. It's a bit of a erratic build as I prefer to buy and try. Not happy? then sell and try again. No real purpose to this build, just a fun daily that is setup and ready for random camping when the mood hits. 2012 Chevrolet Colorado LT 5.3L V8...