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    Home built interior cabinet material options

    Hi Guys, We are just about finished with our Total composites habitat box and I have a question about interior cabinets, counters, dinette's etc. Has anyone used either thin steel or aluminum 1" square material to frame out their cabinets then just skinned them for esthetics? I ask because I am...
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    24 Volt stand alone A/C units?

    Hi All, I am working on plans for my habitat build and have been told a few times now that I should consider a 24V stand alone A/C unit. The area I am looking to cool would be roughly 20x8x7. Does anyone have any experience with this type of unit and have any recommendations for me? Thank you!
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    Help identifying a manufacturer for this part "dinette hatch"

    Hi all, We are in the midst of planning our expedition RV. The one request the wife has made is turning out to be a problem for me to identify. I have found several companies that make the insulated hatches, but I am having a little bit of a hard time finding one like pictured here. This is...
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    Matching windows - doors - hatches??

    Hi guys, I seem to be having a hard time finding this information. I am in the process of planning a DIY composite habitat box build. I am looking for a company to work with that makes matching doors, windows and hatches. I have seen several companies out there, but all seem to make 2 of the...
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    2016 Custom built Adventure/Expedition Trailer FOR SALE

    *********************************S O L D********************************************************* My Dad has recently found himself up against it with health issues and has to sell his adventure trailer :(. He has asked me to help him, so I went to his house and got some details about it. He...
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    FS: So Cal Bushwacker fender flares Jeep ZJ - New

    Hi All, FOR SALE: Bushwacker Fender Flares for 93-98 Jeep ZJ PN 10916-07 - New - Open Box Location: San Diego, Ca, USA Description: Here is the link for the product from Bushwacker... Here...
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    FS: So Cal Viair 10005 On Board Compressor system - New

    FOR SALE: Viair 10005 On Board air system - New - Open Box Location: San Diego, Ca, USA Description: Here is the link for the product from Viair... Here is the cheapest price I have found...
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    Identifying the "little things" on Camel Trophy Rigs

    Hi All, First off, an admission, I am a Jeep guy :) I am about to do an addition to my latest project and am in need of some info. I am hoping there are some Camel Trophy experts on here that can help me identify a component used on one of the Camel Trophy rigs. This thread may become a good...
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    98 Jeep ZJ "SHTFV"

    Hello Portal! I have been on this website for a little while now, primarily just digging through pages and pages of information/inspiration. Truth be told, I was told that I need to be on this "overland" action by a very good friend a few years ago. He was right. I am creeping up on the big...
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    No plan, No problem, One will present itself

    A few quick things about us: Me= Scott My Wife= Bris We have familiarized ourselves with all things off-road over the years. If it happens in the dirt, generally speaking, we are enthusiasts. We are currently very interested in adventure. We are learning more and more every time we hit the road...