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  1. Arctic Travelller

    4x4 Sportsmobile with lockers
  2. Arctic Travelller

    4x4 Sportsmobile with lockers
  3. Arctic Travelller

    Abbortsford air show and some wheeling, anyone? The Abbortsford airshow is this weekend, anyone here planning to go? I'd like to see the show and then do a little back country exploring afterwords. Anyone interested in joining up? Additionally, I'd love a place to park Sat night...
  4. Arctic Travelller

    Need help fabricating some tubing

    Greetings, I need to bend some DOM tubing and fabricate a couple connections for my E250 roof rack / limb lifter design. I've already bent some EMT for a pattern, so I wondered if there was anyone nearby that has a tube bender, welder, and the ability to cope a few pieces. I'm in Anacortes Wa...
  5. Arctic Travelller

    A memorial for Ramsey at the Baja 1000

    I cross posted this on the SMB site, hopefully this is the right place to put this here. So, shortly after we lost Ramsey from Agile off road, there was talk of a memorial at his favorite bluff top camp site just South of San Felipe A few weeks later, there was a memorial in San Diego, that...
  6. Arctic Travelller

    4Runner stolen in Seattle

    Please keep an eye out for this rig, it was stolen last night in Seattle. Swamper TSL Radials. ARB Snorkel, Dakota Digital Gauge cluster, West Texas Off Road hydraulic assist steering system, and DIY front and rear tube bumpers
  7. Arctic Travelller

    Meet and greet at SEMA?

    So, despite my best efforts to get a pass into SEMA I have had less than steller luck, well actually I've had no luck at all. But wait, on Nov 6th (the end of the last day of the show) anyone can see the vehicles, including I hope the Optma van. Hell, we might even meet MG and Chris. So...
  8. Arctic Travelller

    How to keep RF out of my other electronics?

    Greetings, I just installed a 2m /440 50w radio in my van. When I key up, it trips the protection circuit on my stereo. I've grounded the radio pretty well, have run new coax and all connectors are clean and tight. I've also heard RF can get into the vehicles computers causing problems...
  9. Arctic Travelller

    How about a Washington state get together?

    It looks like there are quite a few West Coast folks here. It would be fun to see some other 4WD vans and compare notes. Over on the ADV site, there are a bunch of guys who get together in WA on a regular basis to share beers and ideas. Would there be any interest in something similar? If...
  10. Arctic Travelller

    Baja, Zion and cold weather camping

    We are at the end of an epic 6 week maiden voyage in our GTRV. During that time, lots of issues came to light, but that was the point of the initial sea-trial. While in Baja, :sombrero: the exhaust system fell off, and the grill guard dissolved, but I can partly chalk that up to excessive...
  11. Arctic Travelller

    Water cooled Dana 44

    Is it normal for my front diff to be filled with water? I didn't think so, but that's what I found when I pulled the cover today to drain the oil prior to departing for Baja. It looks like the water was in there for quite a while, as the cover has a lot of corrosion on the inside. The gears...
  12. Arctic Travelller

    Going to the Baja 1000 in November?

    Anyone planning on going to the race in Baja this November? It might be fun to have a meet and greet somewhere along the way to share a beer and discuss places to view the race from. I'll be coming down from Alaska, but I haven't been to the race for 15 years, so I'm pretty unsure of where good...
  13. Arctic Travelller

    Baja bound, then Trans Canada via dirt roads, spares?

    Now that we have the proper tool (2001 GTRV E250 4wd :wings:) it's time to get serious about some new adventures. First up is a shake down trip to Baja to watch the 1000 in November. Then it's the TCAT (Trans Canada Adventure Trail) It's across Canada from the West Coast of Vancouver Island...
  14. Arctic Travelller

    Overhead storage

    I intend to install a couple radios in my E250 (ham, CB etc) and would like to find a storage shelf. The type that goes against the overhead and relocates the visors to the bottom of the shelf. While doing a Google search, I keep coming up with the same Shelf-it unit that has some pretty bad...
  15. Arctic Travelller

    E250 rear aux gas tank

    I've been looking hard at ways to add additional fuel capacity to my 2001 E250. Chris has a new tank that might just fit the bill, but I also found this: It's a rear tank and goes behind the rear axle, where the spare currently...
  16. Arctic Travelller

    Thinking about security

    So, I'm underway with on my new (to me) van's maiden voyage, and I've brought all my electronic toys, laptop, wireless modem, GPS, satellite radio, tons of tools, a lot of other stuff. Soon to come will be a couple more radios (CB and Ham) and other electronics. This is the shake down voyage...
  17. Arctic Travelller

    Craigs list is the best or, I got my new van

    After years of searching I finally got the van I was looking for. Found it on Craigslist under yard sales. She's a 91 E250 GTRV camper conversion with the 4wd done by Advanced, and a 5.4L engine. The camper conversion doesn't look like it was ever used, the microwave glass plate is still in...