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    Questions for off-road campers

    Hello I have a build in progress, E450 Ford Van 158"wb with spring loaded aluminum flatbed almost done and looking at camper design. Any thoughts on cab over to cab clearance, was thinking 2", now after research maybe that's not enough? The cab does have a 12" extensign attached. Another...
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    New 2006 Ford E450's w/wo ambulance box

    Hi there, I purchased a 2006 E450 with ambulance prep package off a fellow I found online up here in Canada. It had 28 kilometres on it. I had it shipped out west and a 4wd conversion put on it. He has a warehouse full of them, some with ambulance boxes I'm very happy with it, it has the 6l...
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    E450 4wd build

    Hi there Starting a 4wd camper build, found a guy in central Canada with a warehouse full of NEW 2006 e450 vans for sale, with ambulance prep packages cheap. Ambulance boxes avaliable. Talked to Ujoint a lot, they were awesome. Due to the fact I'm west coast Canada and I already owned a...
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    E450 super single conversion?????

    Hi there Found a low mileage 06 E450 6l 158"Wb for sale, was wondering if and or how a single rear set up would be possible, taking into consideration lug spacing for new 4wd axle and tire reccomendations for acceptable gvw ratings. Would like a 4" lift, to keep it low but with some trimming...
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    Double cab pros?

    Hi there, Figure this is probably the place to ask. Have caught the bug to build. Atracted to the double cabs and haven't been able to find as much info as the single cabs. What I'm most interested is in the maintainance. If the cab doesn't tilt, how much modification to the cab interior can be...