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    SPOT X vs garmin inreach mini?

    I just got off the phone with garmin about my "inreach for smartphones" (basically a big inreach mini) and was informed that they are no longer supporting this device, firmware, software, and app. No notice at all from them about this, glad I finally got through to tech support and didn't find...
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    temporary camper tie downs?

    I've been shopping for a pop up camper for a while on craigslist and found a cheap fixer but don't want to pull apart my current camper set up until I rehab the fixer. So my issue becomes transporting the fixer home, I was thinking about renting a uhaul pickup, loading in the fixer and running...
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    why skottle?

    what are the benefits of a skottle over just a frying pan or cast iron skillet? seems to be a rather expensive setup for a burner and frypan!?!
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    truck bed sheet metal strength?

    I'd like to add a bedside step to make it easier to reach the front of my roof rack. Thinking about mounting folding step to the sheet metal bedside but im worried about it deforming the side of the bed from the stress of repeated use any thoughts?
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    Arb engel dometic luna etc. Covers?

    I've read alot about all these fridgefezzer insulated covers and I've also read about the importance of exterior air circulation around the coolers. Which is more important ? Especially in southern California weather 55-90 degrees max temperature range.