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    2017 LX570 wheels (trd)

    I am looking at one at a toyota dealership. Currently they have the 21inch wheels and I want them to replace them along with the tires. What trd wheel fits best?
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    ‘04 lx470 vs ‘13 plus

    I was considering selling both my expedition and ‘04 lx470 and getting into a newer lx or lc. I drove a ‘13 lx 570 yesterday for the first time and it felt much larger and less nimble than my ‘04. I didn’t fall immediately in love. Is the ‘13 a larger vehicle or is it just larger styling? Does...
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    DIY water system / shower build for expo trailer

    I am looking at buying a small 5ft expedition trailer for extra storage for the family etc. I would like to add an electrical setup in the tongue box and a water tank and how shower setup. I have seen some units mounted to exterior in a pelican box...... can anyone post a link to a full build...
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    2004 lx470 with 249k miles (South Florida)

    I just bought it a couple months ago and added the front runner roof rack and awning. I love it, however I have a 2wd ford expedition as my daily driver and realized after getting the lx, that the lx drives so much better, why not get rid of both and get a newer 200 and save money on insurance...
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    Mercedes GLS with off road package question?

    Reports seem to suggest that it is capable off road and reliable. Curious if anyone has any experience with them. I need a full time full size SUV that can handle some off-road, not rock crawling, type of work. I plan on taking the family cross county with a small expedition trailer behind me. I...
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    WTB Or trade for adventure trailer

    Location: south florida I am looking for an adventure trailer similar to a Schutt or Turtleback etc. I would prefer to trade a 2004 lx470 with 243k miles in perfect condition. It has zero rust, a Florida vehicle, with the belt replaced about 40k miles ago. Recently installed front runner...
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    Hard storage box for front runner slimline?

    I just returned from a camp with my family of 4 in my 100 series and I need extra storage so I bought a roof bag. It works, but is kind a pain in the ass and it is not lockable. I could buy a Thule unit, but I have a slimline roof rack and was considering buying some large hard plastic cases and...
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    Easy Fridge attachment to factory cargo advice (lx470)

    I just bought a fridge and I need a slide to make things easier. I have been looking at several fridge slides and have one issue that needs to be resolved. I would like to avoid taking the carpet out of the rear cargo and/or making any permanent mods in the event that I sell the vehicle in the...
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    Whynter 12v Fridge reviews? Alpicool?

    Anyone have any experience with this fridge - 4 stars on amazon. or alpicool...
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    ‘04 lx470 and extra power

    Just got my this, all stock, and want to add some power for a yet to be purchased fridge and maybe some rear lights. I am not a wrench guy but the national Luna auxiliary battery setup doesn’t seems too hard- all you need to do is run the power cable to the rear cargo. Has anyone done this and...
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    Roadshower vs zodi extreme

    I am looking for the best hot shower option for family camping. Anyone with a preference and real world experience with these two options. Thx
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    Springbar type vs dave Ellis tent vs oz

    Since I can’t see these in person, wondering what size would be good for a family of 4. I want it big enough, I can glamp it up for the wife, but not limit myself because of the footprint. All three look great.
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    RTT or Oz tent type for family of 4

    I live in florida and just purchased a '04 lx470. I have a wife and two boys, ages 6 +8. I am 6 torn between a RTT (23zero breezeway) that had some black out fabric and seems easy to setup or an OZ tent or any ground tent for that matter. The vehicle is not my daily driver if that helps out the...
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    '04 lx470 factory load bars and other newb questions (RTT etc)

    I just bought an '04 lx470 and would like to add a RTT for some family camping (FAM OF 4). I am likely going to get a 23zero or Tepui and I think they both weight about 150lbs. I have considered getting a full length rack, like a prinsu, but it seems like the RTT will likely take up the entire...
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    RTT for family of 4 - Florida Help

    I just bought a new to me '04 lx470 and will be likely buying a prinsu rack soon. Next up is a RTT that I plan to leave permanently mounted. I have been looking at the Ikamper Skycamp 2.0, the FSR highcountry 80 inch, and the Tepui Baja Series. I live in South Florida and it is hot as a mofo...
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    Lexus lx470 dilemma- help

    Yesterday I bought a one owner 130k miles ‘05 lx470 for 15k. I can return it w in 5 days. I took it to a Toyota/Lexus independent shop specialist for an inspection. The inspection revealed a leaking radiator, cracked serpentine belt, timing belt (no sticker indicating replacement), some front...
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    4runner / LC / Sequoia questions

    I have a bug that must be itched. I am looking for a weekend family hauler, camping build, with long road trip ability for summers. I plan on adding a light build with a roof rack, awning, RTT, and cargo system in back. We are a family of 4. I have test driven and 2010 4runner, 2005 Lx470...
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    2005 lx 470 vs 93 lc - link in last post

    This would be my first overland rig. One owner - 130k miles. What to look for? Reliable as land cruiser? Good vehicle for first purchase? Want to use as family expedition rig..... Asking 14,500 ‘93 one owner land cruiser above
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    Ram 1500 payload

    I am looking at a 2017 ram 1500 and have some questions about payload. I am a family of 4 and plan on adding a leitner rack and boxes and perhaps a decked system. I want to add a RTT to the Leitner rack. This will be my first rig - and will be used only only weekends and longer trips over the...
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    Nissan Frontier as family expedition vehicle?

    I am in the market for a second use vehicle, one that I can have fun on the weekend and take long trips this summer. Is the backseat similar in size to the Tacoma? Is this too small to comfortably carry 4 people on an east coast tour? Tia