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  1. Jerry Ward

    Ideas on sealing roof penetration for solar panel cable?

    I'll soon be mounting a panel to the roof of my rig and was wondering what techniques/gizmos you guys have used to seal the hole for the cable(s) and prevent leaks. Thanks in advance...Jerry
  2. Jerry Ward

    Goal Zero MC4 to 8mm Adaptors In Stock

    Goal Zero does have the MC4 to 8mm adaptor in stock, contrary to the website. For some reason that I was unable to suss out from the rep, they will only sell them to phone-in customers; no online sales, Amazon, or 3rd party retailers. Figured that info may be of use to someone here. Take care...
  3. Jerry Ward

    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium Help

    I'm in the process of building out a small cargo trailer into a tiny house and purchased a Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium with Renogy 100w panel for the electric system. I've hit a snag as I can't seem to find the MC4 to 8mm adaptor anywhere. Anyone know where I could pick one up OR have a...
  4. Jerry Ward

    FS: MSR Miniworks Water Filter and Repair Kit

    Hello all! This filter/pump has been used to treat literally 8 gallons of clear stream water and was then sterilized prior to storage. Nice and clean, no odors!! Offered with a brand new, complete repair/maintenance kit. $80 shipped via the USPS. Please PM if interested. Thanks...
  5. Jerry Ward

    Treadwright tires?

    Does anyone have experience with TreadWright tires? The price sure is enticing. Thanks in advance...
  6. Jerry Ward

    FS: JKU Rear Seat 60% Side

    Another take-off from my 2014 JKU. Black fabric in excellent condition with set belt and headrest! Local pick-up only due to the size; sorry no shipping. Currently in NW Arkansas. $150. Thanks...Jerry
  7. Jerry Ward

    JK/JKU OEM Center Caps for 16" Steel Wheels-Set of 4

    Take-offs from my 2014 JKU. Excellent condition and ready to mount! $35 shipped vis USPS Priority Mail OBO. Please PM if interested or have any questions. Thanks...Jerry
  8. Jerry Ward

    FOR SALE: Brand New Vintage Taykit Pocket Stove

    An amazing find from a 50+ year old Alaskan bush plane survival kit!!! Brand new in the box antique Taykit Pocket Stove. It's never been used or had fuel in the tank. Complete with the box and original instruction sheet. The top flap of box has been torn off and is included. Instruction...
  9. Jerry Ward

    Jeep JK/JKU OEM Take-off Parts For Sale

    In the process of turning my 2014 JKU into a mini-RV, I've been replacing and/or removing a few OEM parts. Besides those listed here, the rear 60% seat assembly and a set of 4 center caps for the stock 16" wheels will be available soon as well. All are in excellent condition. Prices include...
  10. Jerry Ward

    Jeep JKU Right Rear Seatbelt Assembly

    Taken off of my 2014 JKU from the right rear position. Nice and clean-works fine! What you see is what you get. Located in Kasilof, Alaska. $125 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM if interested. Thanks...
  11. Jerry Ward

    Jeep JK/JKU McGard Wheel Lock Lug Nut and Security Socket

    Take-offs from the spare on my 2014 JKU. Works fine! Located in Kasilof, Alaska. $15 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM if interested. Thanks...
  12. Jerry Ward

    Front Dome Light LED Issue

    After a little online research prior to purchase, I attempted to replace the factory front dome lights with LEDs in my 2014 JKU. Per their website, I ordered a pair of #194 non-CAN Bus bulbs from They went in no sweat, but flash like a strobe when turned on via the push...
  13. Jerry Ward

    FS: USGI Jeep First Aid Kit Box w/Contents

    Another item from my JKU redo-heavy duty steel, waterproof USGI vehicle first aid kit box with contents. I painted the outside of the box flat black and added a vinyl red cross decal to the lid. Rubber gasket seal is intact and interior is original OD green paint. Contents are new and...
  14. Jerry Ward

    FS: Misc.Recovery Gear

    I'm in the process of re-configuring my JKU and will be listing a few random items/parts in the next week or so. This lot is for a mixed bag of recovery gear. Included are: -2 brand new 3/4" shackles -1 brand new tow strap; I think 20ft and 20,000lbs, but don't honestly remember. A bit of...
  15. Jerry Ward

    Shelves/Storage For Rear Windows of JKU?

    I've got another question and hope someone here on ExPo has experience and knowledge to share. I'd like to construct or locate some sort of shelving system that will fit the rear windows in the cargo area of a JKU. Ideally something rigid that would rest/mount to the hardtop mounting points...
  16. Jerry Ward

    FS: Frontrunner Wolf Pack Steel Latches Brand New in Packaging

    Two complete sets of Frontrunner Wolf Pack steel replacement latches; 8 pieces total. Brand new in factory packaging $22 shipped vis USPS Priority Mail. Please PM if interested. Thanks...Jerry
  17. Jerry Ward

    Privacy Curtains for JKU?

    Hello all, I'm in need of a little help/inspiration. I'd like to make a set of privacy curtains to cover the rear windows of the cargo area, tailgate glass, and front cockpit area to give myself a bit more privacy when camping near other folks. I know it can as simple as tossing up a sheet or...
  18. Jerry Ward

    FOR SALE: JK/JKU Factory MOPAR Cargo Tiedowns

    Take-offs from the rear cargo area my 2014 JKU. Great shape with just a bit of surface rust on a couple under where screw head rests. Complete set of 6. Never used. $25 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM if interested. Thanks...Jerry
  19. Jerry Ward

    FOR SALE: Smittybilt JK/JKU MOLLE Tailgate Panel Black

    Very good to excellent condition Smittybilt G.E.A.R. MOLLE tailgate panel in black. Clean, no odors or damage, modified with holes for tailgate support strut screws to pass through. $35 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Please PM if interested, Thanks...Jerry
  20. Jerry Ward

    Sold: Adventure Tool Company Shop Roll

    Excellent condition ATC Shop Roll in khaki. I purchased this new two years ago and used it hold crafting tools such as carving knives, chisels, sewing kit, etc. No greasy mechanics tools or anything nasty. Nice and clean with very fews signs of any wear at all. $85 shipped USPS Priority...