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  1. Sloan

    Picked this up today, need suggestions for 1x9 set up.

    My wife bought a Krampus frameset for me and it came in today. I want to set it up as a 1x9 and would love some recommendations that have worked for you. I'm going to build up the wheels with Chris King hubs and I need drivetrain input. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sloan

    Mounting kids car seats in FJ 40?

    SO I have been trying to figure out the best way to mount a rear seat in my FJ 40 so that I can put the kids car seats back there. Yesterday I got to thinking that since they'll be sitting in the car seats do I really need a bench seat at all? I could fab up a steel plate for the seats to sit...
  3. Sloan

    Salsa Mukluk!

    I absolutely love the fatbikes but I have absolutely so reason to own one, I live near the beach. A friend of mine returned from Ouray Ice Festival raving about the Moonlander and roped me into going with him to test ride them at a local bike shop. I rode the Moonlander was way over kill and...
  4. Sloan

    Realigning aluminum road frame?

    When I was changing a tube on my Trek 1200, I've had it for the last 20 some odd years, I noticed that the wheel leans a little to the right at the top by the brakes. I took it to a local shop today and he told me that it really isn't a big deal as long as I'm just riding it around town. If I...
  5. Sloan

    Yakima lock core numbers?

    These cores are 4 or 5 years old and they don't have the number stamped on them like my really old Yakima locks. Of course Yakima is closed, I need to find out by tomorrow and I have absolutely no idea where the keys are since my truck got totaled 3 and a half years ago. Any ideas?
  6. Sloan

    Thule T2 rack with a 29er is this normal?

    I just bought a karate monkey for $350 and. Am preparing to drive an hour back to LA and was wondering if this is normal? New rack and I've never had a 29er before an. I would hate to send my new baby sliding down the 101.
  7. Sloan

    2011 Stumpjumper 29er EVO?

    Has anyone ridden one of these? I saw one at the shop today but it was on hold, too small and pouring rain so I couldn't test ride it. I am looking for a bike for tooling around and mellow trail riding. I have to put down a 25% deposit to get in line for one that will be available in March...
  8. Sloan

    Alternator symptom question.

    I just replaced the alternator on my FJ 60 and when it is running with the choke out it reads 14 volts. When the choke is in and it is at idle, when I turn on the turn signal the needle on the gauge fluctuates with the turn indicator going on and off. The reason I ask is that when I replaced...
  9. Sloan

    New shoes and Outback TX-1s!

    I am ashamed to say that I bought these wheels almost a year ago and have just gotten around to getting them installed. I decided to go with ATs since the 60 is my daily driver and toddler adventures have her spending more time on pavement than off. Best horsepower mod and brake mod ever made...
  10. Sloan

    Electrical shop in Los Angeles?

    Does anyone know of a good electrical shop here in the Los Angeles area? The shop I have been using has up and vanished and I am at a loss. What I am looking to do is dual batteries, and a couple of extra plugs for the front and one in the back for my fridge. When it comes to electrical...
  11. Sloan

    Overheating, what would cause this???

    I drove my FJ60 down to Orange Co. today and then headed up to Burbank to pick up my daughter. It was in the 80s and I drove roughly 40 miles in some 65 mph and then some stop and go traffic. When I got into Burbank I stopped to get an iced tea and when I came out my radiator over flow had...
  12. Sloan

    Wheel test fit?

    So I did a test fit with some new wheels and here are some crappy phone pics. They clear but not by much, my biggest question is how close is too close?
  13. Sloan

    Shackle question?

    First off, sorry for the crappy phone pics, left is rear shackle and the right is the front. :D My FJ60 rides pretty rough once you get into any sort of bumpy sections on road or off. A friend of mine at work pointed out that the bumpiness is probably a result of my shackles being almost...
  14. Sloan

    Backcountry Adventure Utah book

    I am a jackalope and accidently ordered 2 copies from amazon. I was going to return it but if anyone is interested I can pass it on to you. I paid 26.37 so that plus shipping unless you're in LA and I can meet you on the westside or after wed in Burbank, etc. Let me know.
  15. Sloan

    Introducing the Big Dummy!

    Here she is in all of her 47 pound glory. I have made two grocery runs and while it always takes the load, packing is definitely an artform on this rig. I also got the Pea Pod from Xtracycle for hauling the little one around. The flight deck that the seat comes with is much nicer than the...
  16. Sloan

    Living in a tent for two weeks?

    The last 2 weeks of June I am going up north of Santa Barbara to take a two week permaculture design course and I was going to stay in a hotel until I totaled up the price. I have never spent more than a few days in a tent but when I saw that a hotel room at Holiday Inn Express was going to...
  17. Sloan

    Tire and wheel size help?

    I have beat this decision to death in my head, so much so that I have completely paralyzed myself and cannot pull the trigger. The wheels will be on my 1984 FJ 60 and I have decided on the Outback TX-1s, where I'm stuck is wether to go 15x7 or 16x7. The truck is currently lifted with 33-10.5s...
  18. Sloan

    1st Bike!!!

    We went to pick up the wife's bike from Universal Cycles and Abby got to try her first two wheeler. Needless to say dad is a huge sucker for anyone getting a new bike so we brought it home. Her first lap around the block took forever, the second lap found dad jogging to keep up. Sorry for the...
  19. Sloan

    GPS question/recommendation?

    So my wife has offered to get me a GPS unit for the Landcruiser and I must admit that I am now completely confused. The reality of it is that this unit for now will mostly be for navigating Los Angeles traffic or 80-90% on road use. I am looking at the Nuvi 765T or 755T (the 755T isn't...
  20. Sloan

    WTB: 31-10.5-15 set of 4

    I am looking for a set of four BFGoodrich ATs, in good shape, hopefully in the So Cal area. I am in the process of doing mileage experiments with different size and weight tires and the 30-9.5s I have now rev the motor too high for my tastes. Let me know. :roost: