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  1. MoGas

    FS: Bulk Gore-Tex Fabric

    I have some bulk Gore-Tex material. All is 57" ish wide. 56-57.5 Mil spec Woodland Camo- $9.50/yd Red/Orange Pro Shell 3 layer-$9.50/yd OD Green single layer fleece-$10.50/yd Navy Dual Layer- $8.50/yd Gray Pro Shell 3 layer $9.50/yd
  2. MoGas

    Older Goal Zero power pack refurb.

    Does anyone have an old Goal Zero power pack that wont charge anymore? The older batteries are a proprietary size for some of the units, but I'm looking into having new batteries manufactured. The nice thing is that the units will likely end up lighter and with more amp hours since the battery...
  3. MoGas

    The First Gen Pickup/Hilux (79-83) Thread

    I figured we should have a special place for these special little trucks. Here is mine: Thunder the Wonder Truck 1983 Short bed SR5 22R, L52, A/C, Power Steering.
  4. MoGas

    So I came across this solar panel....

    I happened across an ARCO M-81 solar panel today. It put out a max of 19VDC in clouded sunlight. I found on the interwebs that it is a 7 watt panel. I am solar dumb, what is this really good for? It is a nice size @ 14x12x1.5 inches, and seems really stout. Made in Chatsworth, CA back when the...
  5. MoGas

    ARB Roof Rack - Full Length-Arizona

    I am selling my ARB 3800010M full length roof rack with 3700050 mounts and new support channel. I would be willing to bring it to the valley for a tank of gas. It is dialed I for an 80, but can easily be adjusted to fit a 60/62 It is used and has a dent in the top tube up front and a couple...
  6. MoGas

    Campemate Chuck box

    You know what you are looking at. Brunton Wind River not included, it was just shown for size comparison. The chuck box is shown on the tailgate of my 80 in these images. $100 plus actual shipping cost. Will ship to lower 48. Paypal OK with 3% additional to total. You can calculate shipping...
  7. MoGas

    16" Stainless drawer slides

    I have 4 sets of brand new, never used, McMaster-Carr part number 13875A53 16 inch full length stainless steel drawer slides. I paid over $50.00 a set plus shipping. Priced as follows: All 4 sets, $100 shipped 3 sets, $85.00 shipped 2 sets, $60.00 shipped 1 set, $32.50 shipped Paypal is OK...
  8. MoGas

    Show your Thumper!!

    Let's see the big singles. Mine: 1988 XR600R, Street legal in AZ
  9. MoGas

    Wtb: boots

    I'm getting an XR600 and I don't have any dirt bike gear. I need some boots. I wear 9.5-10 depending on the brand of shoe. Dave
  10. MoGas

    Attaching an ARB awning to an ARB roof rack questions.

    I am looking at getting an ARB awning and I have an ARB roof rack. My neighbor has an ARB awning on his JK with a Garvin Wilderness rack using the ARB brackets. I had modified the center bracket to fit for him as it was a little tall to fit between his rack and rack brackets. I can't figure out...
  11. MoGas

    Anyone using OME 864 springs?

    I just added an ARB roof rack, and the added ~140 pounds has put the rear end down a bit. My suspension setup is: OME 850s up front with Slee 25 mm trim packers and OME 863s in the rear. Added weight: On the front, I have an ARB Commercial bull bar, Warn 8274 with wire rope, and dual...
  12. MoGas

    Surco Safari Rack

    Used: Surco S4050 40"x50"x5" Safari Rack. 1109 Floor Kit S43 43" Crossbars Hard mount feet. New all this is well north of $300.00. This unit is seasoned, but not banged up or dented. It will be fully disassembled for compact shipping. $150.00 obo + 44lbs shipping from Flagstaff, AZ 86001
  13. MoGas

    J-Moose rack (Flagstaff, AZ)

    Up for sale is the main component for the famous "J-Moose" rack. It is a Yukon brand Bi-fold ATV ramp that has been professionally welded together for the main rack base. It is approximately 48 inches wide and 70 inches long and weighs 19 lbs. $50
  14. MoGas

    WTT: Topo! State Series

    I have Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Let me know what you have.
  15. MoGas

    Springfield XD advice.

    Background: I like 9mm. Currently have a Beretta 92FS and a Sig P250 Compact. I have the opportunity to buy a used Springfield XD in 9mm. It has a stainless slide, 1-16 round and 2-10 round magazines. I haven't had the chance to run it yet, but it feels nice. Are there any trouble spots to...
  16. MoGas

    The evolution of my 80....

    Well, I realized that I have no "Official" build thread, so here goes: A little background: I have been around motorized "stuff" all my life. My dad was a hot rodder in the 50's and a Musclecar guy in the 60's and beyond. We have run the gamut of vehicles around my childhood home, from the...
  17. MoGas

    *NEW* FJ62 Power Antenna Mast

    New OEM Power Antenna Mast 86353-14332 52.14 List, 40.43 with typical Mud discount. Yours for $35.00 Shipped to lower 48
  18. MoGas

    Blue Sea Power Distribution parts

    **SOLD** Blue Sea 2104, 2708, and 5026 $100.00 Shipped to lower 48
  19. MoGas

    *NEW* FJ80 Parts

    You get the following 91-92 FJ-80 parts: 90916-02141-77 Alt/Water pump belt 99332-11175-83 A/C belt 99332-11180-83 A/C belt (A little longer) 17801-68020 Air Filter Element 16572-61030 Lower Radiator Hose #2 (Water Pump Side) 16573-61060 Lower Radiator Hose #3 (Radiator Side) List total is...
  20. MoGas

    Yakima 1A towers and load bars

    4 Yakima 1A towers with two 58" load bars. With matching locks and keys The bars could stand to have new end caps. $110.00 shipped to the lower 48.