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    Non power antenna for Gen 3 montero

    I just looked around in Amazon for one with a big bendy spring. It works fine but it's already rusting so I wouldn't recommend it. It appears to be a standard hole and plug. Don't forget to pull the relay so you don't have to hear the click every time.
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    Montero may be totaled. What now?

    Congrats, that's a great solution. Though if I'm honest that appears to be on better shape right now than mine was when I bought it.
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    Sedole's Gen 3- Soccer Mom to Mall Crawler Conversion

    Looks like you are still running stock skid plates? If so, check out Boo's bash plates from Australia. Really reasonably priced, easy shipping to the US, and the weight increase might be just right.
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    Montero may be totaled. What now?

    My argument against comprehensive is the cost per year vs benefit ratio. If I had paid comprehensive on mine for the last 3 years it would have been as much as a new montero. I'd rather pocket the money and stash it away just in case.
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    Montero may be totaled. What now?

    Man that sucks, sorry to hear it. I was hunting this weekend and was worried about just that thing. I'd add the Lexus gx 470/460 to that list. I'd also head over to the land Rover group and ask about the LR3, I saw a few faces I remember from the montero group.
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    "Yoshi" - 2005 Limited Build & Adventure Thread

    For the has smell - check your evaporative canister, mine had a crack on the top that let gas fumes out and you could smell them in the rig. A bit of epoxy work and it's all fixed. It also solved an intermittent check engine light.
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    Which Ball Joint?

    Thanks for the input, I put a full order into and will get this stuff installed soon. It's been years but I'm getting close to being done with back maintenance....
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    Which Ball Joint?

    I'm in the middle of sourcing all of my parts for a suspension refresh (Thanks Jamie Poulos & Leo Volk Matus and the Third Gen Suspension sheet) and have everything else sorted out but the ball joints. The recommended brand is ADV Driven Design, but it's out of stock. I've heard stories...
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    Another axle/transfer case fluid question (sorry)

    I thought so too, but it didn't leak - I changed the front diff fluid, and I had a leak. On my truck it wasn't the differential gasket, but the rotating axle seal on the passenger side.
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    Another axle/transfer case fluid question (sorry)

    Just a quick word of warning, switching to synthetic is great for your gears but it may cause a seal leak. The mechanism isn't well documented (at least that I could find) but the general thought is that a existing leak could be clogged by gummy old conventional oil but the fresh new synthetic...
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    Denver area shop recommendations

    My bad, when you mentioned "a couple of bushings" I didn't think they got all the way into axle seals. I'll give them a call, thanks
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    Denver area shop recommendations

    My problem is that a single bushing isn't a big deal, but once you have it all apart it's easy to get to the axle seal, steering boots etc, so finding a shop that could tackle it all at once would save a bundle on labor.
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    So I drove an LR3 today....

    I'm getting awfully tempted by those new defenders, and the fact you can't even drive one yet tells you how rational that is....
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    Denver area shop recommendations

    It's been a while without any new posts because the monty has been boring reliable. A few niggles here and there but generally just does what it's told. However it's time to actually upgrade the springs, do the bushings and generally tidy up some suspension work. The problem is I picked up a...
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    Gen 3 HBB issues

    It sounds like it's trying to turn on and isn't actually activating. Can you plug just the motor into the vehicle harness and see if it's spinning?
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    Monty the 3rd Gen Montero

    I would also consider the cost to get either vehicle up to snuff. I would hazard the parts cost would be similar, but finding a good Toyota mechanic and parts is easy, finding a good Mitsubishi mechanic and parts is hard comparably speaking. If you don't mind the effort and time you can save a...
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    Gen 3 Montero P0455 Code. Any Ideas?

    I have a leak on the top of my carbon canister that gives this code. The circular cap on the top of the canister has separated from the body. I fixed it with hot glue once to see if it would go away and sure enough it was the issue. Hot glue isn't a long term fix in the engine compartment so...
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    The future of electronic stuff

    This may be the wrong place for this but all the various "what's next?" Posts have got me thinking about what/when/how do we start treating electronic/complex off-road aids as preferable to the "old ways." For example, the 2003+ traction control (and generally similar Toyota/Kia/Land Rover)...
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    Mitsubishi truck coming back to the US?
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    2002 Mitsubishi Montero XLS 3.5L Engine Codes

    I had similar codes a while back and being the lazy bum I am I just replaced all of them. I seem to recall it was only ~$150 or so for the OEM parts on amazon, and I think only an hour or so to replace them all. I didn't even need to put the truck up on ramps or jacks (though YMMV). I saw a...