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  1. jakegrovephoto

    Deep Cycle Battery Setup: Your Experience + Why?

    Haven't modified my electrical system yet on my overland XJ camper, as if i do anything to it I want to redo it all "right" and all at the same time. Anyways, preapring to purchase everything to start a dual battery setup, in line with a starter battery and charging off of the alternator (soon...
  2. jakegrovephoto

    Jeep XJ Westfalia Camper Build - The "Jeepagon" V2

    Hey Guys, Just got into the flow of things here at expedition portal, and the community is great. I've had more and more questions coming in about my ongoing jeep xj overland camper build and want to make a place to house everything in an open forum. Here's a brief on the build: A 2000...