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    Work Overlanding USA (Blue Ridge Parkway)

    I've been truck camping, travelling, and back road travelling in various mechanical proclivities for many years. Never really put a name to it, nor had the time or want to. Well I am getting older and realizing my current career includes a form of "overland travel" and folks may find it...
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    Michelin XC-4 7.50-16s Performance

    I sourced 10 new and well stored Michelin XC-4 7.50-16 tires. I'd like to mount them and run them on my '72 Ford at least the next few years on East Coast excursions. I know these have been off market for sometime. But anyone remember how they performed? They measure 34.5" tall, and the tread is...
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    Project Ole' Blue, 1972 Ford F250 Crew Cab

    Well been a long time coming! Its gonna be a real slow build but finally putting it up here, maybe it will help motivate me. About 10 years ago I bought a 1972 Ford F250 Crew Cab 2wd, 390FE, C6 AT. Drove it that way for about 1 year then sourced a flipped 1972 Ford F250 Crew Cab 4wd, 460, 4...