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  1. Neil

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    I know this forum is usually reserved to technical information , but I would like to wish everyone who contributes and advises a Happy Christmas. I have really enjoyed being part of this community and have appreciated all the help you have offered. So have a good one Neil
  2. Neil

    Pneumatic clutch assistance.

    Following on from the recent Auto transmission thread and comments made by Diplostrat. I came across a unimog that had a pneumatic clutch assist device fitted inline between master and slave cylinder. It made the clutch operation as light as a feather, I could push the pedal down with my hand...
  3. Neil

    Need a bit of help with a part in the US.

    I am trying to source a clutch master cylinder in the US. Part number A0012956006 I am in South America but someone in the US is flying out in a few weeks and can bring it with them. If anyone knows a company in the IS who might be able to get this part I would be very grateful. It was...
  4. Neil

    Can anyone help me with EPC please

    If anyone currently has access to the EPC. Could you possibly help me out with a part number. On the rear of me brake drums is a small rectangular window you can look in to see how much meat is left on the shoes. To prevent the dust getting into the drums the window is sealed with a rubber...
  5. Neil


    We are Neil and Pat from the UK. We have spent the last 15 months slowly wandering around South America in our Mercedes truck overland camper. As I write this we are currently near Lima in Peru having driven slowly south from Montevideo to Ushuaia then back up to here via Argentina, Chile and...
  6. Neil

    Happy Christmas Folks

    Merry Christmas to you and your families from a very sunny Peru. We are are missing you all but having a ball. Best wishes and have a great New year from Neil and Pat.
  7. Neil

    I know how he feels . What a nightmare

    Poor guy, I know how he feels having capsized our truck in Chile earlier this year. I have the T shirt Neil
  8. Neil

    Very good truck adventure Videos

    This has nothing to do with Mercedes Benz so oppologies for that. We have met this couple in South America travelling in a 6wd Mowag 2.which is a very capable vehicle. Anyway they also make superb videos of their journey , probably the best amateur films I have seen. I think our regular group...
  9. Neil

    Fitting air con to 1017a OM352a engine

    Here is how I did it on 1017a with OM352a engine. It might help others with similar engines
  10. Neil

    U Bolts in Chile

    I am in Chile in a MB 1017a and as you might have seen from an earlier thread I have had some drama. I have managed to break two u bolts on my rear springs and although they have been repaired I am lion to source new ones. Does anyone know of an online company in Chile that I can look at and...
  11. Neil

    Mercedes Parts in North America

    I can remember reading a thread where someone had kindly posted some links to suppliers of parts for older Mercedes Trucks. ( mainly unimog ) Dammed if I can find it now. Does anyone know of such suppliers or which thread it was on Many thanks in advance Neil
  12. Neil


    I am on bended knee. Does anyone have maintainance manuals for a Mercedes 917 AF, preferably on pdf that they could let me have. I am trying to help the widow of Ian ( regular poster called canals1964) who sadly passed away last year with the sale of the truck Long shot but It would really...
  13. Neil

    Very Sad News

    I have just received the very sad news that Ian Wooliscroft ,a friend of this forum has sadly passed away. I do not know any further details regarding the circumstances at this time, but can say that was unexpected. Ian was the owner of a Mercedes 917af in the UK and was a regular poster on...
  14. Neil

    Worldwide GPS travel logger

    Hi. I am looking to record our journeys via a GPS logger. unfortunately I am a bit lazy at updating our records so I am looking for a device that I can leave , connected to a power source permanently, in the vehicle that drops gps breadcrumbs constantly . Then when I have a spare moment I can...
  15. Neil

    Insurance in Morroco

    I am looking to spend some time in my truck ,7.5t in Morocco later this year. My UK based insurance company don't appear to be too good at providing a green card. Does anyone know of a European or Moroccan Insurance company that I can contact in advance and try to source insurance . many...
  16. Neil

    Mercedes 1017A Truck / Camper build Blog

    For this e who have an interest I have completed a Blog of our Truck Build . I hope you enjoy it Neil Essex UK
  17. Neil

    Mercedes 1017A Truck / Camper build Blog

    For this e who have an interest I have completed a Blog of our Truck Build . I hope you enjoy it Neil Essex UK
  18. Neil

    Diesel Waxing

    I am looking to bring an overland truck to the North of the USA and Canada next year. It will have two diesel tanks ( external ) . My question for anyone local to these areas or has experience of cold temperatures is what is the best way to prevent diesel waxing in the tanks or the pipes. I...
  19. Neil

    Magirus Deutz / Iveco World Service.

    Although I am an avid reader I am not a frequent poster on this forum but hope that some of you can offer advice. I am about to embark on constructing an Overland Camper based on a Truck. One of the base vehicles I am considering is the Iveco 110-16 AW ( Formerly the Magirus Deutz 168M11FAL )...
  20. Neil

    Importing a Military truck to the UK

    I have spent all day on the phone to various UK Agecies such as DVLA and VOSA etc trying to get a difinative answer as to how to import a previously un registered military truck from Germany into the UK. I am hoping to hear from someone who says " I did it last month and it's a peice of cake "...