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    May be the Van we all wished we had En-joy:Wow1:
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    Ford E350

    It arrived on a trailer, the guy said it ran when he loaded it but as the snow and wind blew no luck in starting the old girl. With the drivers wife at the wheel we were able to push her off the trailer and tow her into the yard where she sat in a silence stance. Is she worth starting a build...
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    2004 Chevrolet AWD Express

    :ylsmoke: Just purchased my next build, 2004 Chevrolet AWD, just 40k on the meter. Might need some tires as I think they may be the original's. Hope it's a good one, $2,900 purchase, is this a fair price?, it is a window van.
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    If your fast and looking there is a Ford E350 Ambulance going on WWW.GSAAuctions.Gov today, I ran the VIN and it is a 7.3 Diesel with just 9500 miles in Pearl MS just outside of Jackson MS. Sorry I didn't see it a little quicker, be Fast!
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    Ford E150 as a Stealth Build

    We were looking for another budget build, this one a stealth urban build, a can you see us type van. Low budget but very much able to travel 4 -5,000K mile trips. This one is not running as the ad is saying, but "what's better than towing one home"! Now staying in a budget of $3,000 or less can...
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    Iron Pig, The FJ55

    Being a pass owner of a FJ 55 Iron Pig as they're known, it's great to see one in action. You may wish to watch the show "Alaska Off Road Warriors" on the History Channel. I'm catching it on ROKU, but I see it's also on u-tube. This show is some great Toyota action, with a FJ 55 in the lead...
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    Overland Van Build, GMC Savana

    When looking over the Van builds thru this site I thought I might like to use a concept of a cheap build. I have always been a 4 wheeler and follow the "Cheap Truck Builds" over at Petersen's 4Wheel Off-road Magazine. We are travelers and this brings the van into our vehicle holdings as a great...