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  1. brushogger

    2012 Subaru Outback

    This car is perfect for a light expo build. It has 123K miles, and NO oil burning issues. We are getting ready to start our full time travels in the van, and unfortunately have to sell it. It is a black Limited edition with the Harmon Kardon stereo, leather, and the 2.5i engine. No...
  2. brushogger

    Awning Brackets for E Series vans SOLD!

    I have a set of the awning brackets for an E Series van. These came off a van my friend had that never left the garage after he started his build. He mounted the brackets but never got an awning. These are like new, and are the ones made by 1der on the Sportsmobile forum. Just a few scratches...
  3. brushogger

    First freeze of the season

    Tonight we are supposed to have our first freeze. It’s supposed to get down to 30 degrees with 20-25 mph winds. The next day and following week are supposed to be mild, so I really don’t want to drain and blow out the plumbing on my SMB yet. The tank and plumbing are all inside the cabin except...
  4. brushogger

    Air spring install

    I’ve been wanting to install some air springs on the rear axle so I can have some adjustability for varying loads. I have a 2004 e350 Quigley SMB. It looks pretty tight back there. It’s about 6” from the spring plates to the top of the frame. Any suggestions? Most of the kits I see are for...
  5. brushogger

    Home Built Aluminum Roof Rack for High Roof SMB

    I've been trying to come up with a rack for our 2004 Ford SMB, and haven't found an off the shelf solution that I like. I was going to have some mounts fabricated, and then found these- They have plenty of...
  6. brushogger

    Accidental video, but pretty cool

    My wife was shooting video of this circular rainbow in the valley fog below White Rock Mtn in Arkansas. We noticed her shadow was being projected into it by the sun. The “wings” flapping, were my arms behind her.
  7. brushogger

    2004 Sportsmobile rear axle swap

    My SMB has a SF Dana 60. I’m trying to decide if it would be worthwhile to swap to a full float axle. I’ve considered a Sterling, but then you get the issue of mismatched lug bolt pattern, and I’m really not a fan of spacers. I think a 14 bolt would take care of that, plus it has the additional...
  8. brushogger

    Our SMB

    I thought we’d document the changes we’re making to our van. It’s a 2004 E350 Quigley 4x4 Sportsmobile. We sold our FJ Cruiser to buy this since we’ll be traveling full time after retirement. It was in great condition when we bought it, but some areas needed beefing up. This was it the day...
  9. brushogger

    Outdoor speaker plugs.

    I'd like to have some small outdoor speakers on magnet mounts that I can use in camp. Does anyone here know of a weather proof fitting with a plug or cap that I could use to plug the speakers into when in use? Thanks for any help.
  10. brushogger

    For Sale: Fridge and Oztent in Oklahoma City_ Fridge is sold!

    The fridge is now sold. We're holding off on selling the tent at this time as a relative has expressed interest. Since we got our Sportsmobile, it's time to get rid of a few things we will no longer be needing. RV-4 Oztent with 1 sidewall for the awning portion. The wall will fit on either...
  11. brushogger

    New to us SMB

    Just picked this up today. 2004 V10 EB19 floorpan with Starcool AC, 137,000 miles. Always garaged, amazing condition, and we got a great deal. Now we just have to head for Virginia to pick it up. We are so pumped! Anyone wanting to buy an FJ Cruiser? This worked out perfectly, since it...
  12. brushogger

    1- pair of gutter mount heavy duty load bars

    SOLD! These are 58" wide, with the mounts adjusted all the way out, they add approximately an inch and a half on each end. The bar profile is the same as the Thule square bars, so their accessories should fit. Great for kayaks, roof baskets, or bikes. $40 plus shipping. Prefer local pickup...
  13. brushogger

    Zodi propane camp shower

    SOLD! I've used this many times and it works great! If you place the pickup in a 5 gallon water container and let the water run back into the container, it's pretty warm in 2-3 minutes and very hot in 5. Preheating the water this way works best if you're taking Navy showers. You don't want...
  14. brushogger

    For sale: 2- Ironman heavy duty foam cell shocks for 2010+up FJ Cruiser

    2 shocks. 1 new in box, and 1 was on for a week. This was a promo and I ended up with 2 sets. They said to keep them. I've been running a set for 2 1/2 years with their constant load springs and I love them. I was going to keep these for future use, but I'm moving to an apartment. These...
  15. brushogger

    Factory FJ parts

    Since I modded my 2012 FJ several these things have been sitting around the garage. The roof rack and bumpers are local pickup only. 1- factory roof rack $200. SOLD 1- factory front bumper perfect shape. $100 OBO 1- factory rear bumper perfect shape, $100 OBO 2- factory rear LCAs No bends. Just...
  16. brushogger

    This may have some potential! And 38mpg to boot It also is equipped with a heater that doesn't require a running engine.
  17. brushogger

    Now THIS is cool

    Toyota 4x4 Sienna!***-minivan-from-a-sienna/ You will have to replace *** in the url with the donkey word. Expo doesn't like it.
  18. brushogger

    Diabolical inc heavy duty drawer box.

    Item is sold! I bought this at Expo and got a great deal on it. It's a heavy duty aluminum drawer box. 36"w x 28"d x 10" tall. The drawer dividers are removable. This is an extremely well made unit and is brand new, but it has a few scuff on the powder coat. It was their prototype and...
  19. brushogger

    Just had to post this! IH Scout II with dealer installed 4wheel camper pop up.

    We were in Medicine Park Oklahoma and I ran across the owner of this great truck. Very little rust. He's getting ready to start the restoration. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. brushogger

    Cool trailer for sale- not mine

    I saw this the other day on the outskirts of Aurora, CO. Military trailer with aluminum box. Very stout looking. I thought someone here might be interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk