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  1. ThePartyWagon

    Roof Racks, Awnings, and tents...

    Eezi-Awn awnings; straight or 270, variety of options with wall sets available for some models. Not inexpensive products but expedition grade equipment regardless of what you go with. I also like my Rhino Rack Batwing but there are plastic parts found throughout the product, not a big fan of...
  2. ThePartyWagon

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Well, if she ever decides she needs 4 doors instead of 2, send me a message!
  3. ThePartyWagon

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Late model two door, oh ya! Love it.
  4. ThePartyWagon

    My 1999 XJ build thread

    Looking forward to seeing the end result. I saw Russ quote someone between $4000-6500 for a stroker engine depending on parts and goals. Would you echo that price range?
  5. ThePartyWagon

    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    1996 Toyota Previa All-Trac SC, 169K miles, shes been used and put away wet but she cleans up nicely! This is my DD while my Jeep Cherokee is used for off road duty/camping/deep snow duty. Plans for the van are to potentially sell it for a vehicle better suited for towing, or, lift it 2", throw...
  6. ThePartyWagon

    Second Row Seat Delete, Functional for Daily Duties?

    Hello my fellow Jeep fanatics, I'm looking for some feedback from folks who have ditched their second row seat for improved storage/sleeping arrangements. What I'm really interested in hearing is whether or not you've had instances where you ended up needing those seats. I've got a two door...
  7. ThePartyWagon

    Rear tire carrier

    Dirtbound Offroad
  8. ThePartyWagon

    2000 Jeep XJ Newly RUST FREE 100% clean w/140k great engine and transmission (Motivated Seller)

    Your title says rust free but then you list multiple instances of rust in the ad. How about some pictures of said rust?
  9. ThePartyWagon

    Transfer case linkage

    Novak or Boostwerks (Azzy's knocked them off from what I've read online).
  10. ThePartyWagon

    Anyone running Snomaster fridge in your JKU or JLU?

    Equipt Expedition Outfitters in Salt Lake City is their US distributor.
  11. ThePartyWagon

    Anyone running Snomaster fridge in your JKU or JLU?

    Check out National Luna as well, they make a 50L Dual Zone fridge or a 52L single zone that can refrigerate or freeze depending on your settings. I just picked up a 50L dual for my XJ, plenty of room for myself and one other. I'll freeze meals that we plan on eating a few days out, everything...
  12. ThePartyWagon


    Most of the standard RTT, ie Tepui, were modeled off the Eezi-Awn Series 3. EA has been around for decades and continues to be used worldwide for extensive travel. From what I've seen personally/heard on the interwebs, Tepui products don't always stand up to extensive travel. TBH, that's not...
  13. ThePartyWagon

    Aluminum Clam Shell RTTs

    What ruled the Eezi-Awn tents out for you?
  14. ThePartyWagon

    Price Reduced: Tepui Hybox Hardshell Tent- SLC, Utah

    Price dropped to $2000, will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks!
  15. ThePartyWagon

    Small efficient overlander

    Another vote for the Cherokee/Grand Cherokee family of Jeeps here. XJs are simple and functional ZJs are just as functional with coil sprung suspension and a few more creature comforts. WJs are the most comfortable of the 3, still very capable. I'd say for most mild to moderate overland builds...
  16. ThePartyWagon

    Dometic @ SEMA 2019

    Looks like Dometic started the thread
  17. ThePartyWagon

    My 1999 XJ build thread

    What are your thoughts on the Raptor Liner? I'm waffling between a Monstaliner kit and the Raptor Liner. Raptor is attractive because it comes with the spray gun but there are more color options from Monstaliner. Maybe they're the same difference. I'm going to be doing my roof and my lower...
  18. ThePartyWagon

    Price Reduced: Tepui Hybox Hardshell Tent- SLC, Utah

    Like new, less than a year old, excellent condition Tepui Hybox hard shell roof top tent. A little bit of sticky residue from the peeling stickers, maybe some scratches in the shell from tree branches, everything functions as it should, interior is clean, always used a sleeping bag. Large...
  19. ThePartyWagon

    99 Jeep XJ Intro and expedition "build" attempt! Plus some restoration.

    Please do, I need to come up with something to replace my saggy headliner, go as factory as possible or something a little more out of the box like yours. How did it stretch and did it fit nicely around the curves in the headliner? Did you use spray adhesive and do you think the weigh of the...