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  1. justbecause

    Vendor inquiry

    Does anyone know ? I found a couple of positive reviews on but nothing else except their facebook page, I am looking at their canopy, hard shell tent, and 270 awning.
  2. justbecause

    left stranded: not CEL, no warning. po335 code

    "no warning" might be a stretch, but not by much. Back story: For the last few weeks I have thought the frontier was trying just a little bit harder to get around than normal, but nothing at all sever. and nothing my wife noticed when she drove. It was at the back of my mind "93k miles, its...
  3. justbecause

    WTB: camper shell 2nd gen nissan frontier

    any color, any style aluminum or fiberglass considered as long as it fits. I will travel 250 miles from 35453. (further for the right top at the right price) Truck is a 2011 4 full door frontier. short bed. I am not interested in a soft top, unless it is fire sale cheap. Zack.
  4. justbecause

    2011 frontier

    this is my new ride. I lost the transmission in my beautiful trooper. :( I have a set of 5100s in the mail that will be here Wednesday, I hope to get them set up this weekend. I havnt decided if I am going to try to do it myself, or take them to a shop and let them do the spring...
  5. justbecause

    1997 isuzu trooper.

    transmission went out. for sale as is. $2,000 Zack.
  6. justbecause

    fzj80 in Alabama. this is my truck... if the links to the pictures wont work for you let me know and I can e-mail direct.
  7. justbecause

    wasnt sure where to start, so i figured id stick with the cruisers.

    :wavey: made my way over here from the expedition section there is a little slow and thats what i am becoming interested in so im cheating on my forum.... i realize in asking the question here im going to get loaded answers but i didnt know where else to go.... i am currently...