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    Preparing A Differenetial ?

    You prepare the differential by pulling the hydraulics on the old models. Or on the newer models, push a button that activates a vacuum system that does the same thing by preloading a hydraulic system. That set up a springload, so when the differential is turning independently, a dog clutch...
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    1980 240GD Import

    The older G have their own personality. But they are a aquired taste in regards to performance and driving comfort. I get that it is human nature to want, what you can't have, and so many Americans have a desire for a diesel G. But you have a good supply of soccer mom driven G500 that is...
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    G wagon W460 Axle seals and gasket

    Just a friendly tip. The dedicated forums to the G have a large knowledge base about everything technical with the vehicle. This forum is usually about showing camping modifications, showcasing new and expensive models and sometimes forum fighting. Among the dedicated G forums, you could find...
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    Mercedes G-Squared in DC

    Nope. I have a 1995 GD290 for touring. Does everything it is supposed to do, without bleeding your bank account dry :-)
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    Mercedes G-Squared in DC

    Cheap as chips. For a regular G500 we pay 298.000 USD For the G500 squared, it is 657.000 USD Tax due to weight and pollutions for these G's are about 3100 USD pr year. Yes Denmark is the extreme end of the spectrum, but other countries have high vehicle prices too.
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    Field tire change on a Hutchinson, yeah or nay?

    I seem to recall Morocco or Western Sahara when he posted a few years ago.
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    Mercdes G-class 2005, G270 CDI. Need some advice/help? Building.

    The only place I'm aware of, that gives you a price indication in Europe is and as I read it, does not include fitting on your vehicle. Looking at their facebook page...
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    Mercdes G-class 2005, G270 CDI. Need some advice/help? Building.

    Portal Axles comes in three versions. Expensive, Even-More-Expensive and You-Just-Fainted. That's it, no cheap or reasonable. Wolfgang Tibus keep making all sorts of aftermarked special products, including portal kit for G and others. and...
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    Cortez Rally Raid in a GWagen???

    FYI 461 production of GD290, GD250 and GE230 started in 1992. Makes them within reach of the 25 year rule. Just keep in mind, that 461 vehicles where bought to work and not as a status symbol. That means wear and tear to a degree that is not typical of the W463 series.
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    10-12 days from Copenhagen in Winter - suggestions on what to do & where to go?

    It's a little hard to give any real advice, based from your initial posts. There are places to experience, but where will you be? Copenhagen for two days, will give you time to walk around the Nyhavn area, see a few castles (Amalienborg being the main royal recidence) The little mermaid...
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    10-12 days from Copenhagen in Winter - suggestions on what to do & where to go?

    Hi Christian That depends of your interest. We have castles, parliment, museums, resturants, shopping and general sightseeing. With newyears coming up, you should be well entertained by the fireworks and festivities. The one thing we don't have at the moment, is winter :-) For the snow and...
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    Overland Journal: G-Wagen

    I never get it why anybody leaves the top trim on when painting a G. Usually there is some kind of rust developing where the clips has scraped thru, at the lip where the windowframe and roof is assembled. It takes 3 minutes to remove. 5 minutes and 15$ to replace the clips when reassembling.
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    ICELAND, land of contrasts

    There is about 4-5 meters to the celing on the main decks of the ferry. For vehicles above 1.9m there is a fee to be paid, it's just part of their pricing structure. As I recall, for vehicles longer than 5m there is a similar fee to be paid.
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    Fording Depth vs. Snorkel Height

    My vehicle just have the half-length snorkel. It's standard issue for Geländewagen with fording kit (commercial and military use - not the cafe racers), up to model year 2010 where it got replaced by the full length design. Where I have yet to be in serious trouble with the waterline, after all...
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    Best G Wagen forum?

    That depends if you are into the 460 and 461 range of the G or if you are aiming at 463. has massive knowledgebase of everything to do with the 463. You can find some 460 / 461 things, but their strength is in the comfortable vehicles. has a great selection of...
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    Iceland in January

    Blue lagoon as others have suggested. Jump on a northern lights tour for one evening. Their national museum is worth a visit. Book a 4x4 tour with one of the adventure companies. Reykjavik is a special place, dress warmly and go for a walk towards the Hallgrims church (giant, you can't miss it)...
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    Icelandic Expedition Suzuki Vitara

    I have still to go to Iceland during winter time, would very much like to. Spring, summer and fall is when we went before. Such a beautiful country. The Suzuki is a great little car, when you put high flotation tires on, you run circles around my G in the snow on 31"...
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    great G wagon video very capable even stock :)

    I'm not jealous of other people's excessive gear. But what is bothering me, is that the tendency of tying up all your availeble money in "stuff" and then thinking that this traveling thing is so expencive - that they never get going. And that is a shame, becourse cheating youself by placing...
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    great G wagon video very capable even stock :)

    Have you ever considered that getting stuck is not leathal if you are on friendley terms with the locals? You can't tour europe on a 50K budget? Try avoiding hotels and resturants, and use the vehicle as your base. I'm amazed that some actually believes that their world will fall apart without...
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    great G wagon video very capable even stock :)

    Yup, and for the price of portals and other expo bling gear - you can almost do a round-the-world tour in the stock G. Now what would you rather do? Create grand memories for the rest of your life. Or have a mean looking truck for a brief time - before you sell it for another build project.