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  1. Regcabguy

    Diesel vs Gasoline

    Looks like a lot of work. I couldn't imagine being a tech and having to do this.
  2. Regcabguy

    Thoughts on Kelderman 4 link suspension for an offroad expedtion Camper

    Custom Deaver springs sound good. I wouldn't want Carli's soft rear leafs on a high cog heavy rig. Just today I met a guy with the Carli Deavers and he tows a heavy toy hauler. The truck wanders all over the place even with specially valved 2.5 Foxes. He's going to North County Spring in...
  3. Regcabguy

    Who makes the best rims?

    To minimize the rollover defect Ford advised dropping the psi to 27psi or something close. The tires heated up and failed. The new design was lower,longer and wider thus stabilizing the vehicle. I've got hubcentric Method's on mine in order to go wider. That being said the stock forged...
  4. Regcabguy

    Overland project vehicle

    With a little elbow grease,a lift and some good luck this might work.
  5. Regcabguy

    Flip Pak in San Diego
  6. Regcabguy

    Nissan Patrol from Portugal

    Yeah,lots of practical,dependable vehicles available except for North America. I still say a square suv with a minimum of equipment would sell here.
  7. Regcabguy

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Nice camper. What brand is it?
  8. Regcabguy

    Gas can kill.

    My real truck's tank is inside the frame as was my last one. The only truck's I have driven with externally mounted tanks was a 85' Chevy dually which had saddle tanks and my '64 F-250 which had the suicide tank behind the seat.
  9. Regcabguy

    Grandby on Craigslist.
  10. Regcabguy

    Getting a Saab back off the road.

    My buddy had one with a lever or something that enabled free wheeling down hills.
  11. Regcabguy

    Method 701's worth paying for vs something else for free

    Method honors their structural integrity. They actually back it up.
  12. Regcabguy

    2013 F150 FX4 Family Hauler

    Is Ford aware of the problem? If so what's their solution?
  13. Regcabguy

    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    If you get a Dodge get a 3500 with rear leafs. More stable and much simpler,cheaper to beef up.
  14. Regcabguy

    Electrify the Wrangler? Well, yeah...why the heck not!

    How many solar panels do you take with you on the Mojave road?
  15. Regcabguy

    Dangerous Situations

    If you are in Mexico without medical insurance approved by their health system,you don't leave the hospital until the bill is paid. Kinda like their version of debtors prison. Mexico like France and others practice Napoleonic Law. You are guilty until found innocent.
  16. Regcabguy

    This is a cool E-Truck

    Spock would be proud.
  17. Regcabguy

    7.3 Pre-emptive Preventative Maintenance

    My buddy goes hunting at high altitude in Colorado. The 7.3's would struggle to start in lower teens weather he said. The Cummins had no issues. The newer Powerstroke's do well he said.
  18. Regcabguy

    7.3 Pre-emptive Preventative Maintenance

    Cummins uses a simple grid heater. Is it impractical to use two of those for the two banks to replace the glow plugs and be done with it? I rarely heat mine up in San Diego. Turn the key and that's it.