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    Water Boiling Efficiency

    I recently picked up a Camp Chef Everest and I'm looking for the most efficient (reasonably priced) container for boiling water on it for coffee. It needs to be kettle-like (as in, has a pour spout, not a pot) and it needs to hold 1.5 - 2 quarts (more is fine but not necessary). What have you...
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    Antenna placement safety

    I'm looking to add a GMRS rig (Midland MXT115) to my Jeep and am wondering about antenna placement. I run my CB antenna on a hood channel mount and am thinking of doing the same (on the other side) with the GMRS antenna (looking at a Comet SBB-5). However, I'm slightly concerned about...
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    Solar for my Jeep

    I'm looking at throwing a couple of panels on the roof of my 98 Grand Cherokee. The available space is about 34" by 54" to not interfere with the sunroof. I'm thinking of running 2 of these...