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  1. FJR Colorado

    ARB fridge 12v problem

    After 5.5 years, my 47L ARB fridge has stopped working on 12v. It works on AC 120v. Anybody heard of this and have a fix? Editorial note: The fridge has been a stalwart until now. I'm very disappointed in the "legendary ARB service"... They have a web submitter thingy that is broken (but...
  2. FJR Colorado

    Updating Tundra Solar System

    Some may recall this build I did 5 years ago... (where does the time go?) I decided to perform some upgrades to the solar system. I like to build my own systems and not do a Goal Zero or similar. Rather...
  3. FJR Colorado

    Renogy Deal Today

    For those looking for a basic 100W panel starter kit: Save $47 today.
  4. FJR Colorado

    Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    The full moon is out... Anybody going to watch the eclipse tonight?
  5. FJR Colorado


  6. FJR Colorado

    Wildfire Sunsets

    We are getting some colorful sunsets due to all the unfortunate recent fires...
  7. FJR Colorado

    FJ in The Collegiate Peaks

    I spent a few days doing some casual trails near Buena Vista last week... Going up and back down the other side of Hancock was fairly tough and rocky, but the summit was very mild... Cumberland Pass was beautiful and easy... Tincup was gnarly... Gotta love the Wile E. Coyote...
  8. FJR Colorado

    Have you ever had a small solar charge from stars?

    Last night I was at my high country cabin. It's at 9,600 ft and when the sky is clear, it a freakin' planetarium. And last night, the stars were just amazingly bright. I noticed I was actually getting a small solar charge LED indicator. Anyone ever had that happen?
  9. FJR Colorado

    2019 Tundra

    Anybody hear anything? Will we finally see a Gen 3?
  10. FJR Colorado


    So, who has some juicy insider info? (and not just a close-up of an 18" rim like Toyota blasted out today in advance of the NY Auto Show)
  11. FJR Colorado

    Super Moon

  12. FJR Colorado

    Got the FJC out to the San Juans before snow flies...

    It sure was a great few days... Met up with Senor Buckwheat. Here we are at the top of Imogene 13,114 ft.... We did some of the more obscure trails. Governor Basin was incredible. Here we are at the end of Yankee Boy beneath Mt. Sneffels... One really spectacular trail was...
  13. FJR Colorado

    Winter Fun

    Having any winter fun? Post up here.
  14. FJR Colorado

    Why we buy Toyotas
  15. FJR Colorado

    FJ in the San Juans

    Just got back from a great trip to the Ouray/Telluride area. I have some cool videos to share including Black Bear but I need to get those processed. In the meanwhile, here are a few pics... Imogene was spectacular: Gotta love that stretch of Ophir that looks like Tibet... The...
  16. FJR Colorado

    Summer 2015 Photos/Videos

    So, anybody managing to have any fun this summer? Post up here. Here is some fun on the Colorado River from this past Friday:
  17. FJR Colorado

    Skid Plate (front) for 2006 1st Gen Tundra... suggestions please!

    As the title suggests, I need one... recommendations?
  18. FJR Colorado

    Drone Video

    Cool topic and some great videography...
  19. FJR Colorado

    Holiday Season Fare

    So, what's everybody making? Tonight I made schnitzel, spaetzle & brown gravy. Had some gourmet applesauce and Heineken dark. Lights out fantastic...
  20. FJR Colorado

    TRD Pro Sightings

    Saw a 4Runner last night that looked bad ***.... That was the first TRD Pro I have seen. I know others are out there. Post up!