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  1. AggroCrag

    Another bumper question (Fontiers)

    For those of you that have ARB front bumpers, would you buy again, or would you shell out a little more coin for one of the more “custom” bumpers (shrock, Hefty)? I’m hesitant about how much the ARB protrudes out, and the lack of recovery points. Any input/discussion is appreciated.
  2. AggroCrag

    Bedside separation?

    I'm sure some of you have seen that a couple of companies are making bedside supports or "straighteners" for Tacomas. I'm aware that over a long period of time that bedsides can begin to "bulge" or separate a bit, and I'm wondering with the addition of all the camper shells, and RTT's that we...
  3. AggroCrag

    Keep my Outback or buy a Tacoma?

    Hey all, I need an outsiders perspective on my current vehicle situation: I currently drive a 2014 Outback 2.5 Premium. I've had it since new, and it currently sits with just shy of 60K on the ODO (I drive, a lot). The Outback currently serves as my "Swiss Army Car"; as in, it does a little...
  4. AggroCrag

    How many miles on your Nissan?

    Hey guys, I want to start a thread about how many miles we have on our trucks. Also, along with mileage, please post any issues, parts replaced, etc... I'll start; 2011 Pro-4x Frontier with 53,xxx miles I'm on my second set of tires, but other than that all replaced parts have been a "want" not...
  5. AggroCrag

    FS: XOSKEL Bumper Mouth Bracket- GEN 2 Frontier

    Location: Fayetteville, NC Description: Brand new, never mounted, aluminum bumper mouth bracket made by XOSKEL. This is an easy, rust proof way to add lights to the factory bumper. Fits: GEN 2 Nissan Frontier Retails at $67.50 Asking $50.00 Local pick up prefered, but will ship if needed...
  6. AggroCrag

    Aggrocrag's 2011(Now 2014) Pro-4x

    Hello All, My name is Craig, I've been a lurker on EXPO for quite some time now, and I absolutely love this forum. I figured I would take a minute to introduce myself, and ask a couple of questions. I have had owned a few offroad vehicles ranging from a '90 YJ on 33's, a '00 XJ on 33's, 2...