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    Accessories - house or starter battery?

    I have a dual battery setup in my ZR2. Blue Sea ACR manages the work. Starter in my diesel is 95ah and I have a 68ah Odyssey. In my old rig (Jeep ZJ), I had all accessories wired to the house. Radios, lights, USB chargers, fridge, etc. In this new setup, I am beginning to rethink this approach...
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    Tire Bed Mount Question

    I am having a bed rack fab'd up to mount my RTT on my ZR2. The truck has rear-view camera in the tailgate and I want to avoid obscuring the view with a swing out. So I was thinking of incorporating a tire mount into my bed rack design. Thoughts on this? Where would you place the tire? I figure...
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    1998 Expo ZJ 5.2L

    Just bought a ZR2. 1998 5.2L ZJ up for sale. Highlights: 5.2L w/ 128k Flow cooler water pump Aluminum radiator New fan clutch 5.9L hood vents Full 3.5" Iron Rock lift w/ Bilsteins New front axles/seals ARB front air locker Limited slip in D44a rear Custom rear drawers Dual battery setup w/...
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    ZJ Overland Build

    Been lurking here for some time. Thought I would post up my build. 1998 ZJ Laredo with the 5.2. Picked up a IRO 3.5" lift and some custom bumpers: Storage build: I wish the back was a bit deeper for longer drawers...oh well, these do the job: I had a hard time seeing over the...
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    Built in Radio GPS for Navigation Use?

    This is my first post...and I should note that I am newb when it comes to ham. Current have a tech license. I am considering my first dual-band mobile radio purchase. I would like to have APRS. There are several radios on the market with built in GPS, such as the Yaesu and Kenwood radios that...