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  1. rontaki

    2002 Isuzu Parts - Gold Country

    I saw this ad in the July 13, 2018 Weekly Windfall paper in El Dorado County, California. I have no affiliation nor do I live near there. Still, there might be someone here that can benefit. "2002 Isuzu Trooper, great parts vehicle. Completely negotiable! I will take 1st offer, leave message if...
  2. rontaki

    2001 Mitsubishi Fuso FG 4x4 Camper Truck -Very Rare - $42000 - CL find in SF

    Found while surfing SF CL -
  3. rontaki

    Custom Mercedes Sprinter Airstream Trailer Motorhome - $85000 (santa barbara)

    CL find, unfortunately I have no affiliation...
  4. rontaki

    EarthRoamer on CL in SF area

    No affiliation - Asking $109K However, the description looks like it is lifted directly off of the Earthroamer site. Also described as "XV-LT" and "XV-LTS", and in the four pictures provided, each vehicle has...
  5. rontaki

    Unimog U1200 in Pittsburgh - Link to Expo posting in Other thread

    Saw this in the Expedition Vehicles: Other thread on this forum. Seems it should be here instead. Link to original Expo posting: Link to CL post: Thanks to jharshman for the original...
  6. rontaki

    Cool "2000 SPCN TRAILER" on Salvage title - Flood damage. Auction has not started as of this posting time. I have no affiliation with this sale, etc. Maybe being a trailer its not unreasonable to fix flood damage?
  7. rontaki

    1993 Ford F-250 7.3L IDI Diesel 4x4 - $5400 (Grass Valley) - CL SF Bay Area

    I am not connected in any way with this sale / seller. I know many here extol the virtues of IDI diesels. Seller's text below. I am selling my 1993 Ford F-250 diesel pickup truck, since I am buying a smaller pickup truck. I bought the...
  8. rontaki

    Sprinter Winnebago ERA 170 Whitefeather Conversion $119000 - CL find

    Just a find - I have no connection or other knowledge of this sale. "Winnebago ERA 170 Mercedes sprinter diesel motorhome with Whitefeather $30,000 4x4 offroad conversion Very hard to find only 27k miles excellent condition. Awesome excursion expedition offroad global travel vehicle for only...
  9. rontaki

    CL find - Diesel Fire Truck Mercedes Van - $18500 (campbell)

    Interesting find on CL. The usual disclaimers apply, I have no connection to seller, etc. This is for those that dare to be a little different. Been the best running vehicle I've ever had. She has some fixing needed like most older vehicles...
  10. rontaki

    CL find - camouflage truck $1800 obo.

    Perfect start for the ultimate stealth camper. The usual disclaimers apply. Ron
  11. rontaki

    CL - 1974 Volvo C303 = Clean Solid Driver - $18995 (long beach)

    Saw this on Craigslist via an article on the site. I know nothing more about this nor have any connection to the vehicle or it's sellers. Ad contents: LhD Located in the USA... This is a 1974 Volvo C303. - I'm also...