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    Has any one tried the Dobinson Twin Tube shocks and springs on their Gen 3? What lift are you running on your Montero?

    I'm in the market for a lift for my 3rd Gen and there are a couple retailers online that sell the a dobinson lift with twin tube shocks. I have looked for hours and haven't found a single review of the twin tube shocks from a Montero/Pajero owner any where. Has any one ever tried this lift? What...
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    The Rally Wagon - 2003 Montero Limited: Build and Adventures

    THE STORY Hello everyone, I'm new here. This is just my 2nd post. Although I haven't been actively engaging in the hobby for a decade now I have always had a passion for 4 wheeling. When I was 17 I got my first car and it was a 1987 Toyota pickup, what the rest of the world would call a Hilux...