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  1. Sal R.

    01-07 Toyota Sequoia Roof Rack

    Selling complete custom roof rack. Includes OEM rails, crossbars, spacers, and hardware. Comprised of qty. 13 10-series 8020 aluminum bars dropped into OEM roof rails. Roof rack area is 62"x42". Will not part out, disassemble, or ship. Pick up only. San Diego $400
  2. Sal R.

    2002 Sequoia Limited 4WD

    GOAL: My goal for this wonderful daily driver is centered around exploring/camping trips. Because of her size, tucked and low slung were a requirement. I did not want to unnecessarily add width and height unless it served a real purpose. MODIFICATIONS: Suspension Front: 2" Lift Fox Coilovers...
  3. Sal R.

    Can I please get some feedback on my wiring layout?

    Thanks for looking! I know basic wiring and whatnot, but no expert by any means. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. The idea is to make adding new accessory circuits easy via relay, minimize wire runs into the cab, and have most, if not all, accessories powered by a relay. I added the...