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    Opinions Solicited......Another Head Scratching Mid Size Truck Choice Thread

    Don’t have any of the midsized trucks. Personally drive a power wagon. Buddies Colorado was tight by end of weeklong camping trip. Much better mileage than mine though. We both agreed my truck next time, mileage be damned. Ranger was well represented at SEMA this year, so aftermarket isn’t far...
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    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge and Slide For Sale: $950 - SOLD

    I’d be in for all but I’m on west coast Glws
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    SOLD. Arb premium recovery kit $300 shipped

    What’s the weight rating on those components?
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    Ram 5500 vs Ford F550

    Ford needs it. Ram doesn’t!
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    +++ForSale: BFG KO2, KM3, AEV, ARB, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt

    Maybe Interested in straps shackles etc. I’m in 92648. What do you have left?
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    **SOLD** Coleman Rendezvous Camp Stove

    Do you still have this item. I’m interested if you do. Thank you
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    Ram 4th Gen SDHQ A Pillar and BD Fog Mounts SOLD

    I’m in for both. Pm on way.
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    Dometic CF80 - Detroit Mich. SOLD

    I’d be in as well if you’d ship.
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    Dometic CFX 75DZW...SOLD

    Pm sent. Thank you
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    FS: Baja Rack Axe/Shovel mount

    I’m in. pm on way
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    LifeSaver Jerrycan * SOLD *

    I’m in for life saver if still available
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    Dutch Ovens San Diego

    I’m In Huntington Beach so part way between you and me
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    Dutch Ovens San Diego

    I’m in for them. Willing to meet for breakfast part way?
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    Tucson - NATO fuel cans

    I’m in for all your red gas and blue water cans if we can figure a way to get them to the la ca area.
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    Surus: 2017 Power Wagon build

    Awesome truck! Your build inspires a lot of my mods. Thanks for the update.
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    Pequod - A 2019 Ram Power Wagon Build

    Very clean mods and installations. Getting some ideas for my girl. Congrats on the new truck.
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    2018 power-wagon comfort/expo build

    Love my PW. Impressed a bunch of Toyota guys in Death Valley last thanksgiving. Size doesn’t matter that much as long as you don’t mind a little “trail rash”. The decals are easy to remove with patience, a heat gun (hair dyer works) and effort. Plastic razor blades are also useful, but be...
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    2017 RAM 2500c Build. Tradesman---->AEV'ish

    That's great to hear. Thank you for rear storage bin removal tip. While my girl came to me with body mount rails, and they've worked exceptionally well, I still really NEED the frame mount rails so I can properly crawl the tough areas I deal with, mall, urban/fwy obstructions, the occasional...
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    Holden Colorado 2.8 half height Canopy build

    Great project! Been reading along from vision to completion. Awesome job! Your family is fortunate for your abilities. I'm sure you and your truck will provide as many adventures as you all seek. Yours is an excellent example of planning and execution resulting in a superb product. Cheers.