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    What to drive from Colorado to South America?

    Anything to the south of the border I would not want anything other than 4wd, at the least a very capable 2wd pickup.
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    Caracas Venezuela

    Saludos Jaime, por acá un paisano de Maracaibo!
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    Hi-Lift + Lift Mate to fix a flat tire?

    I carry a jack-stand in my tool box, so I use my Hi-Lift to lift up the truck and immediately place the jack stand under the truck to support the weight... then I do whatever it is I have to do. I dont recommend doing anything on the truck if its only supported with the hi-lift because they are...
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    Straps and shackles

    i carry two 3/4" D-shackles, and two 1/2" D-shackles... ive found that not all the time I can use the big 3/4" shackles to attache a strap to a vehicle... so I recommend having both.
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    Maxtrax vs TRED vs Tracmats vs X-Trax vs X-Jack

    Maxtraxx all the way for me.. ive seen "others" break in half where mine have performed flawlessly.
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    Drivetrain damage: Tire Size VS. Tire Weight ??

    wow guys thanks for the replies and opinions... many things to consider. I still have some time to decide this but I might just buy these same 295 Hankooks again and call it a day, the truck behaves very well on them, no reliability issues or strange breakage of anything (with a smart foot of...
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    Drivetrain damage: Tire Size VS. Tire Weight ??

    yes sir. i have the same concern for the front axle.. my rear is taken care off, im currently working on swapping in a dana 44 with an eaton locker with 4.56 gears, (stock AAM 8" Diff on colorados only allow 4.10 gears). Obviously front is also going to get the 4.56 treatment. So far ive...
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    Drivetrain damage: Tire Size VS. Tire Weight ??

    Maybe this has been discussed before, but I could not find a specific topic on it. My current setup consists of 4.10 gears with 295/75R16 Hankook dynapro tires. These tires are a true 33" tall, and weigh in new at 65.5lbs each. I will soon be upgrading to 4.56 gears, and have about 50% of...
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    Introducing my self! built 08' Colorado

    thanks everyone for the kind words! I lost access to my photobucket, but Ill be uploading some nice trail pics soon!
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    Project "Autonomous" F-350

    Wow just spent a good hour going over your build thread... love what you have done with the old Ford, looks super nice and functional, I was suprised when I saw you also own a Colorado, lol. I think ive seen several pictures of it over on 355nation. Cheers.
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    Introducing my self! built 08' Colorado

    On to the pics...
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    Introducing my self! built 08' Colorado

    Greetings everyone, Ive been a passive user of this forum for a long time, decided it was time to finally join and start chiming in, wanted to share pictures of my ongoing project, something that began as my "work truck" transformed into my expedition vehicle / offroading toy lol. Here are the...