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  1. Regcabguy

    Overland project vehicle

    With a little elbow grease,a lift and some good luck this might work.
  2. Regcabguy

    Flip Pak in San Diego
  3. Regcabguy

    Grandby on Craigslist.
  4. Regcabguy

    Hawk 4WK

    Spotted this today for you 4WC fans.
  5. Regcabguy

    Marathon seat covers for a '99 F-150

    Darn near new Marathon seat covers in graphite. Fore and aft pockets. Fits pillar mounted seatbelts. 40/20/40 seats. Front only. They've been bagged up in my garage for years now.This is a bargain.. $50 plus shipping.
  6. Regcabguy

    Spotted on Craigslist. Hawk
  7. Regcabguy

    Craigslist 7.3 school bus potential for 4wd.
  8. Regcabguy

    Grandby in San Diego area

    Grandby for sale. Pretty recent ad.
  9. Regcabguy

    Grandby in San Diego area

    This ad is pretty new.
  10. Regcabguy

    Callen Camper visit.

    Went by Callen Camper today. I met Tyler the new owner. Great guy and he and Jim Callen were working on three campers. Smooth sided or the traditional corrugated aluminum. Looks like great fit and finish and beefy as always. Jim's sticking around to show Tyler the ropes for a time. Everything...
  11. Regcabguy

    8' Callen popup. Rare.

    Here's a Callen popup camper in San Diego. Never seen one actually. Nice project.
  12. Regcabguy

    Callen popup

    Steel framed Callen popup. Rare Thought I'd just post this to catch reader's attention.
  13. Regcabguy

    Callen campers back business?

    Apparently Callen's back to making steel framed camper shells. Good news indeed.
  14. Regcabguy

    Compressor fridge recommendations.

    I hope this in the right section. My friend's looking for opinions and experiences with compressor type fridges for his popup camper. He wants the horizontal type preferably with the slideout glide. Noise is an issue but not a deal breaker. He's a sound sleeper. Thank you.
  15. Regcabguy

    '81 F-250 Quadravan

    Here's a nice build van:
  16. Regcabguy


    Monument Valley
  17. Regcabguy

    Demise of Callen Campers?

    As of yesterday,the lot in El Cajon,Ca is devoid of any trace of Callen Campers. Unless they've moved(no sign outside) looks like that's it for a 50 yr old business. They'd been having difficulty since dad Jim turned it over to his son Scott.
  18. Regcabguy

    XP Camper article

    Here's an article on the XP Camper:
  19. Regcabguy

    F.S. Wildernest camper.

    Gents. In today's San Diego Craigslist there is a Wildernest popup tent for sale. It fits small and midsized vehicles. Currently it mounted on an '05 Nissan. $1100. I don't know how to post links but it's just been posted. It's under "RV's" Also a new 2008 Hawk FWC farther down in the listings.