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  1. Chazz Layne

    SOLD: Eezi-Awn Roof Rack and Awning

    All items are SOLD! We've decided to change things up on the Discovery's roofline, so the large rack and awning setup are up for sale. The rack/awning combination worked great, as made obvious by the nearly three years they've been in service, but a project vehicle can never be...
  2. Chazz Layne

    FS: Overland Journal, The Complete Works (minus G16) — $360

    It's time to send these off to a good home and make room for new books: I have a well cared for complete collection of OJ, from the inaugural Spring 2007 issue on through Winter 2015, everything save Gear 2016. All are once-read in very good or better condition, with the typical slight spine...
  3. Chazz Layne

    SOG S37-K SEAL Team — $90

    SOLD! Next up is a new SOG S37 SEAL Team. This is the previous gen model, before the goofy spine rasp treatment on the blade. Seven-inch, partially serrated blade and a grippy glass-reinforced nylon handle. This one comes with the quick-release kydex sheath that features a seatbelt cutting...
  4. Chazz Layne

    FS: NEW Benchmade 527 Mini-Presidio Overland Journal Edition — $175 Shipped

    SOLD! Miss out on OJ's 2011 Benchmade holiday promo, or the giveaway the following March? I'm purging my knife collection of what doesn't get used so here's your chance to own one: This knife is brand new, purchased during the promo and promptly added to my collection. It's Benchmade's 527...
  5. Chazz Layne

    Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized

    The ExPo team just picked up one of the new Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized tents for evaluation, and at first glance it seems they've been lurking in our Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Roof Top Tent thread. We're looking forward to getting it out on the trail in coming weeks and seeing how it holds...
  6. Chazz Layne

    Borrow: Anyone have a Mac OS 10.6.8 disc?

    I have an older iMac I need to get wiped and reset to factory defaults. Unfortunately, it's too old for Lion/Mountain Lion/Mavericks and I haven't been able to track down the 10.6.8 disc that came with it. Anyone have a Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) disc I can borrow? I'll cover shipping both ways.