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    Goal Zero lithium vs NOCO GB500 jump pack?

    Goal zero Yeti lithium 1400 NOCO GB500 jump pack Wanting to be able to use these as a portable power station. I don't necessarily need 120VAC as I can find most things in 12vdc...
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    Uwharrie camp location?

    I am renting an offroad teardrop trailer out of Raleigh from rove rentals. I will be camping from dec 10-14th. I have class to go to in Greensboro for work and my company ok'd paying for the gas and trailer rental so thats free yay. My dad will be camping with me but staying with the trailer...
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    Clam style tents

    I went to Overland expo east and saw a few of these style tents. Wanted to know what brands are out there and if there are any of you that have used one for camping in.
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    Best two person cot

    Does anyone one know a good two person cot that is not just two single core put together. I would like something more like a si file full size bed versus two single beds slid together which is how I see most of the two person cots. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How to build Wifes 4runner? Without mods

    I know kinda confusing title. Bit of a back story. I have been searching for a few years for a reliable and good off-road vehicle. I ended finding an 04 Lexus LX470 and proceeded to lift it and put it on 35s. Basically drove like this with a few other minor mods for about a year. In that time...
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    Coveralls seat covers for 100 series land cruiser? Anyone?

    Anyone try these seat covers out. I have no need for the $1k set of seat covers from some of the other manufacturers even though I'm sure they are very nice. If I were to do that then I'd just buy new leather covers. My seats arent torn now but would like to keep them that way and was looking...
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    Inks outdoor OHV Venture teardrop???

    These are built here in NC which I really like. There aren't many options here on the east coast it seems. Plus they seem to be very well built. I started over landing with a cheap coleman style tent and it did ok but then started looking at different ways to go about it. Wanting something...
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    Ibs dual battery controller. Where to mount?

    I have an LX470 (100 series). I am wanting to order the national Luna dual battery system but they have 2 different types of controllers. I'm not sure where to mount t the controller so I'm not sure which to buy. The flush mount style or the controller by itself. Those of you that have this in...
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    Redman's small build

    So A bit of background. I started modding with my 350Z that I put way too much into and didn't get anything really back on it. It was fun to drive but cost a lot every time I took it out. Then got into off-roading and exploring. Fell in love with getting out and finding new places. So without...
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    A trailer like this in the US This is one of the only trailers that's peaked my interest and that I'd be willing to buy. I'd prefer it be down closer to the $25k range still though. Is there a trailer here in the US that is similar. I especially like...
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    Modified ARB drawers

    Has anyone modified one of the roller tops for the ARB drawers. They are rated at 165lbs I believe or at least really close to that. I'm wanting to see if its possible to mount a load spotter on top of the roller top so that I can bring the fridge even further out and then drop it. They only...
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    Roof rack info for disco 2

    I have a guy making me a roof rack for my 00 disco. I wanted a flat roof rack and not one sloping or that follows the roof line. He does this out of his house so the accessory support will have to come from other manufacturers. My question is what can I have him do to make sure I can use the...
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    Help me build a fridge/grill slide out cabinet

    I am looking to build a fridge slide and stove mounted under the fridge. The fridge is an engel fridge and the grill is just a camp chef grill. They are both going into a Land Rover discovery 2 cargo area. I don't know if this is possible but I'm thinking with good strong slides it should be...
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    Anyone have the ecotrek RTT on M1101 trailer? I looked at this trailer at the oceans expo east and I have a flyer on the actual tent there. It's a M1101 trailer converted over. They put what I assume is their own RTT on the trailer which has a side room setup on it already with a pvc floor for the room as well as a...
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    Tight budget Disco 2 build

    Will post some pics soon. I bought a 2000 disco 2 off of a service manager for a Land Rover dealer. He bought it off of one of his long time customers. The engine had just been out and resealed before I got it. As a result I literally have a disco with 0 leaks. Amazing! Anyway Its not...
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    Help me find an expo daily under $10k

    Ok what I've hand what I like. I really likedthe space and aftermarket support of my 2012 Jeep JKU. Sold that to get out of the payments to buy a houses down bought a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland edition. Really liked the engine being the 4.7L V8 but it was thirsty but don't really mind...
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    Land Rover discovery

    I was wanting a decent daily driver and overland rig. I figure if I can get a good reliable vehicle then it should be a good overland vehicle as well. I'm looking at the Land Rover discovery series 2 I believe. From 98 to 02 I think they made them. With a budget of $5000 am I asking for...