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  1. Cummins

    Slip Tank Installation Issues.

    I just put a slip tank in the box of my Dodge truck. I have a canopy on the truck, so I wanted the tank to be fillable from the outside. I went to a local auto wrecker and picked up a filler neck off a ford truck. I installed it in the canopy and plumbed it to my slip tank. I have a pump on the...
  2. Cummins

    2000-02 Ram 2500 cummins lift. for bigger tires

    Looking to fit a set of 37" swampers under my truck. Just wondering who of you out there are running 37" - 38". I don't want any rubbing or limit to the truck articulating. what type of lift do you have how high is it and what size tire can you fit. post pics if you have them cuz pics rock. thanks