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  1. Bergger

    2007 Adventure Trailers Chaser

    I am selling my 2007 Chaser. My outdoor passions have taken me in a direction where I am just not using the trailer as much as it deserves to be used. As everyone here knows it does not get any better than an Adventure Trailer. If you don't know then just check out this forum and...
  2. Bergger

    Chaser water pump

    Well my girlfriend and I went out over Thanksgiving weekend with the Chaser and had a great time. However it got down to 10 degrees the first night and 16 the second. The water pump did freeze up. Well I just realized it was leaking really bad, unusable, so I figured something inside broke...
  3. Bergger

    Electrical, National Luna Question

    So I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about electrical stuff so I thought I'd ask. I have a trailer with dual group 31 batteries in it. They recieve a trickle charge while I drive throught the charge line from the truck. I'm installing my third group 31 in the bed of my truck to run...
  4. Bergger

    One of my best hike in days ever!

    Hiked up to an "Unknown" lake at 12,000 feet here in Colorado. Got a late start and probably did not start fishing until almost noon. Was worried about the late start, typical afternoon storms and bite but it turned out to be one of the best high mountain lake days I've ever had. Dozens of...
  5. Bergger

    RMNP Greenbacks!

    My buddy and I backpacked up into Rocky Mnt NP and spent 2 days fishing for Colorado's state fish. The Greenback Cutthroat Trout. If you live here and have not caught one you have no idea what you are missing! We landed over 60 fish and lost twice that many all on dries! Enjoy.
  6. Bergger

    Sway Away Heim Bearing

    I've had Racerunner 2.0 coils on my 03 Tacoma for several years know. Occassionally they would squeak but nothing a little wd40 would not fix. Lately the drivers side has gotten worse and will not completely go away. I suspect the heim bearing is wearing out and needs replacement. Has anyone...
  7. Bergger

    2007 Adventure Trailer Chaser

    It was the last 2007 Chaser built. We took delivery in January 2008. It saw about 20 nights use the first summer and only 1 night this year. Unfortunately circumstances are going to limit our use for the foreseeable future. It has always been store in the garage and is in new condition...
  8. Bergger

    1986 4Runner

    1987 4Runner I am toying around at getting a first gen 4Runner. I've always wanted one but know nothing about them. It will remain stock and be used as a get around town and weekend fun truck. I do know I want a 4 cylinder and I have found 2 local trucks that appear to be in good condition...
  9. Bergger

    Leather Knife Sheath

    So I just picked up a Knives of Alaska knife and it came in a nice leather sheath. I'd like to protect the leather from the elements. The info sheet that came with the knife recommends a 20%/80% oil/bees wax mixture to preserve it. Does anyone know of a good product that is easy to apply and...
  10. Bergger

    September Fishing Trip

    Last week I was able to disappear for 3 days up into the mountains of CO. I had perfect timing as the fishing was good and the weather perfect. Had I waited until this week I would have been snowed on! Anyway here are a few pictures of the trip. I spent time fishing the Middle and South...
  11. Bergger

    Sand Dunes NP and Humboldt Peak

    We left home early Wednesday morning and arrived in the Sand Dunes N.P. around 0930. I love this place and if you have not been yet I highly recommend it. June is a better month to go, cooler temps and much more water running through Medano Creek, but June did not work for us this year. We...
  12. Bergger

    Eezi Awn Tents, you might want to check...

    If you own an Eezi Awn tent you may want to check the bolts in the main two hinges. My last two trips involved covering approximately 35 miles of some very nasty washboard roads. The last trip was the AT Hurricane Lake Adventure and while that road was not as bad as my previous trip it was...
  13. Bergger

    Last minute Grays and Torreys trip

    So my daughter and I get back late Sunday night from an 8 day 1500 mile road trip. I stay up late cleaning stuff up then get up early on Monday and start cleaning up some more. My wife comes out and says, "Hey the grandparents miss thier grandchild and want to spend a few days with her so I'm...
  14. Bergger

    REVIEW: Argus Analyzers Battery Bug Capacity & Lifecycle Meter

    Last January my family became the proud owners of an Adventure Trailer Chaser. The Deka 105ah battery it came with is without a doubt the most robust and expensive 12v battery I have ever owned. I wanted a way to easily and accurately monitor the battery’s current charge and state of health...
  15. Bergger

    Lifting a 4Runner with XREAS Suspension

    My buddy has a 2006 4Runner Sport with XREAS suspension and would like to lift it. He actually took it to 4Wheel Parts to have a spacer lift installed. They called him a few hours later and told them they would not do it. When lifted it throws the computer for the XREAS off and can cause...
  16. Bergger

    How heavy is your Adventure Trailer?

    Has anyone put their Adventure Trailer on the scales? My work buddies had the mobile weigh station set up down the street from me the other day so I hooked up the Chaser and took it down. It was loaded with everything minus the 19 gallons of water and the clothing. No food in the fridge but...
  17. Bergger

    TwoZone Wireless Thermometer

    So has anyone actually used one of these? If so what is your impression. I would like to use it in my Waeco CF-50. The Waeco is mounted in the box of the Chaser AT and I'd like to put the monitor in the nose box. Do you think it will transmit acurately through all that sheet metal?
  18. Bergger

    Sneak Peak

    Just received these pics from Mario the other day! We are getting excited. Okay maybe I'm getting a little more excited than the wife.
  19. Bergger


    Well the Kokanee are finally starting to spawn in the Dream Stream section of the South Platte. They are about 2-3 weeks late, as I found out the last time I went up there! The weather could not have been nicer. Here's a pic of the largest one I caught, 23". The rest were 16-22".
  20. Bergger

    Where are you going for Labor Day?

    I am just curious about the types of trips or plans the rest of you have for the Labor Day weekend. We've been doing our annual Labor Day camping trip for the past 7 years. Kind of a tradition now. Each year we pick a different spot in Colorado. This year we are setting up base camp near...