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  1. beags86

    Stop the EPA from killing Hot Rodding! Sign the petition!

    I know this probably is the right place for this, but I know I am not alone to think that a bill like this could affect the expo world. Sign it, Pass it on, repost on other...
  2. beags86

    Camp kitchen chuckbox. Denver Expo members will have first shot. 100$ firm.
  3. beags86

    03 xterra

    3.3 v6, auto trans, 4x4. 178,xxxk Runs real good. no real known problems (hail damage on hood) has been wife's dd. got a new job, need to switch up to something more fuel friendly. Went through a lot of things in 2014. All new steering, alignment, ect, ect. Good tires. Had no plans on selling...
  4. beags86

    4x6 trailer

    Nice little trailer, no use for it. Used to pull an atv cross country. Pulled nice. Mesh floor, brand new spare tire. Clean title. Bolt on rear gate. Lights work. Some surface rust on fenders. $300 gets it. Denver, CO.
  5. beags86

    OEM GM wheels 16x6.5 8 lug

    Five spoke, "D - Window" rougher shape, they have some tarnishing. Might clean up well if your willing to do some TLC. Gmc center caps. $100. local only.In Denver, CO.
  6. beags86

    building my own pull pal, anyone have one?

    i am going to build my own pull pal. i have the "shovel" part built i need to build the rest of it. does anyone have one that would be willing to pull some dimensions for me? i need the dimensions of the "legs" and the angle support. it won't be a carbon copy of the pull pal but i want to get in...
  7. beags86

    Thinking about buying a discovery. What's gives?

    Hello all. I will make this short. Long time chevy guy so I know nothing about these things. Wife crashed her car. Got some money to spend. I am finding a ton of discoverys cheap on craigslist. 2500-4500$ for 95's though 05's. this is intriguing to me. what gives with these prices? They just...
  8. beags86

    Anyone use this brand of fridge? Looks like a cheaper alternative to the more expensive fridges out there. Any feedback, or other threads on this one.
  9. beags86

    Bogert safe jack, bottle jack Anyone have any reviews on this? Anyone use this? Looks like a decent setup to me.
  10. beags86

    ARB fridge, RTT and grizzly country? I don't understand...

    Title says it all. how do you use a RTT mounted on a rack with a expo fridge underneath (let's say open bed pickup) in grizzly country? If I had a setup like this (and might someday) I would take all the stuff out and move it. What a pain in the butt though. I simply can't see people doing...
  11. beags86

    My lifted Canyon Thread

    Hello, just wanted to make a quick thread about what will be our light off roader/camping/adventure truck. Right now we use this when we go hiking, ATVing, kayaking, camping, general expo truck. This thread will prob. be slow much like my jumping jack trailer thread. Bought this girl used about...
  12. beags86

    Anybody remember a thread?

    Awhile back a fellow built a spare tire carrier for the back of suburban/ Tahoe off his stock bumper. Anyone know this thread? I have search high and low with no luck.
  13. beags86

    Jumping Jack

    Hi all, just wanted to post a quick thread about my new purchased 2013 jumping jack trailer. This thread will be a very slow going thread as the initial purchase price has not allowed a lot of wiggle room for funds for upgrades. But I would love to get some feedback from guys around for their...
  14. beags86

    New topper

    Hi all I just wanted to put a quick review of the softopper and the people that work there. I know there are some threads on the softopper, but I thought I would add my own input. Since there are other threads on this i will keep it short, and spare the install info. I don't post here much most...
  15. beags86

    potable water tank.

    not sure if this is the best place to put this or not. i want to be able to take 20-30 (maybe more)gallons of drinking water/general pupose water/fresh water with me on a week long trip, dont want to put it in the back, top of, or in the truck. i have been thinking about putting a 2in receiver...
  16. beags86

    camper shell w/o side windows

    anyone using a shell without side windows?? any pros and cons to this type of shell, i feel like it would be warmer on a cold night, but also hotter on a hot night and also stuffy inside during a hot night. also think it would be more secure. and more private.
  17. beags86

    pickups with soft tops!

    how many guys run these?? any pro and cons? trying to decide if i want a soft top or a fiberglass topper for my truck. anyone running roof rack on there softie?
  18. beags86

    roof rack on topper?

    does anyone have a roof rack mounted on a fiberglass topper?? if so post up a pic. i want to do this but i am unsure how much weight the topper can take. also how did you mount it? i am thinking if i take a roof rack and weld a flat bar on each side it would be enough to distribute the weight...