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    Express/Savana Swing-out Tire Carrier DIY Starter

    For those of you that are not on the FB groups for Express Vans and 4wd Vans, this guy is making both drivers and passenger side contoured tire carrier hoops for the Express/Savana. I bought a drivers side right after he first posted them and the fit to the body is excellent, I used that one to...
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    Hightop Van Flexible Panel Questions

    I'm moving through my build and want to start laying the ground work for solar on top of my 24" bubble top van, as it is already 10ft tall I don't want ridig panels that would increase that. Due to the size and shape of the available roof area 100w flexible panels (as many as 5) would be a good...
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    24" Hightop Express Rear Build-out

    I've got about 1200miles on my Duramax/4x4 conversion and I'm satisfied I've got the bugs worked out, details for all of that are on the DieselPlace site, link in my signature. I'm going to start the rear build out now. I'll probably do this in two phases. First Phase: Buffet/booth seating on...
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    Extended Express Full Length Nerf Bar Side Step

    I'm looking at options for side steps. I want full length. I'm not interested in "rock sliders" just a good looking nerf bar drop step that will fill the entire 118" span. I have seen that Aluminess makes some but have read mixed reviews on fitment but like the low weight feature of aluminum...
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    Body and Chassis coming together

    As I'm getting close to the end of the drive-train changes I'll be shifting to the "camper build out" soon. Body back on the chassis yesterday, should be running in a week or so. I had wanted to drive it down to Weldtec to pick up the Lightforce Lights I won but it was dragging out longer than...