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  1. beags86

    Stop the EPA from killing Hot Rodding! Sign the petition!

    Alittle more information.
  2. beags86

    Stop the EPA from killing Hot Rodding! Sign the petition!

    I know this probably is the right place for this, but I know I am not alone to think that a bill like this could affect the expo world. Sign it, Pass it on, repost on other...
  3. beags86

    Best drivetrain of the big 3?

    Hands down GM has the best powertrain program around. That is all.:D
  4. beags86

    Soft Topper pros and cons

    I have had my softtopper for four years now, I was surprised with how good it preforms in rain and snow, no water inside at all. I never even seam sealed it. I had them make me a solid rear panel so no one can just walk by and see something. Since you can't lock anything up in them. Out sight...
  5. beags86

    Camp kitchen chuckbox. Denver Expo members will have first shot. 100$ firm.
  6. beags86

    My lifted Canyon Thread

    This is a I5, it does ok loaded down and ok towing. But in the mts of colorado, I wish it had the V8...Its no powerhouse. Been a good truck so far. Updates coming in the next few weeks....
  7. beags86

    GM hydro boost brakes for newbies like me....

    Crap! your telling me the steering gear for an 82 is metric huh? What year was the switchover? I am also going to be doing a crossover set up as well, in fact I have just found (junkyard) a decent reman steering box out of an 80'(I think) I pulled awhile back. I don't remember if the wrenches...
  8. beags86

    GM hydro boost brakes for newbies like me....

    Ok Larry, teach me. I have been quietly following along so I can do my own hydroboost conversion. But I still could use some guidance. I have never messed with this stuff before. Out of a 82' c20 with the 6.2. My truck is a 79' k10. Auto, not going to use the whole bucket just the brake...
  9. beags86

    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    I haven't been on this forum for months, but wanted to see what was happening here. One of my fav threads. Any updates?
  10. beags86

    03 xterra

    3.3 v6, auto trans, 4x4. 178,xxxk Runs real good. no real known problems (hail damage on hood) has been wife's dd. got a new job, need to switch up to something more fuel friendly. Went through a lot of things in 2014. All new steering, alignment, ect, ect. Good tires. Had no plans on selling...
  11. beags86

    4x6 trailer

    Nice little trailer, no use for it. Used to pull an atv cross country. Pulled nice. Mesh floor, brand new spare tire. Clean title. Bolt on rear gate. Lights work. Some surface rust on fenders. $300 gets it. Denver, CO.
  12. beags86

    OEM GM wheels 16x6.5 8 lug

    Five spoke, "D - Window" rougher shape, they have some tarnishing. Might clean up well if your willing to do some TLC. Gmc center caps. $100. local only.In Denver, CO.
  13. beags86

    GMC Sierra purchase input needed $800, 235K miles, 2wd, x/cab, pipe/latter rack all

    That's a no brainier. The drivetrain should be worth that alone.
  14. beags86

    My lifted Canyon Thread

    On some fake dirt. LOL
  15. beags86

    Hitch mounted tire carrier. Yay or nay?

    build your own. just got done building this one one from an old thule t2 bike carrier i had laying around. have had it for a few weeks now and its no problem at all.
  16. beags86

    My lifted Canyon Thread

    Winch pics Threw the winch on for a few pics in the rain. The led is wired to the winch. So the light comes on when the winch is powered. Winch has a 400 amp blue sea systems switch under the hood. And only switches on when needed. Here's a pic from the side. You an see I added a D ring on...