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    FS: Zarges K470 Case - 40565

    Selling a Zarges K470 series, model #40565. It measures 31.5 x 23.6 x 16.1 outside and 28.3 x 20.5 x 15 inside. It weighs 22 pounds empty. It's James Bond approved and makes an awesome coffee table when not holding supplies on the field. Exterior of the case is scratched from use, but not major...
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    FS: Campaign Furniture Set (Table + 2 Chairs)

    Looking to sell my Campaign Furniture Company table and chairs (one side table and two chairs). While they have seen some use in the field, they have spent most of their life in their travel bags eagerly awaiting their next adventure. I bought the set from Andy when I was in Bend, Oregon...
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    FS: Jetboil SUMO Companion Cups

    Got three of these thinking that everyone in the family could have one with their Jetboils, but ended up selling one of the Jetboils and loosing another one. :( All three are new in shrink wrap packing from Jetboil. Basically your Jetboil fits INSIDE of the SUMO and you use the SUMO as a bigger...
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    SOLD: Kelty Lumapivot Lantern

    Bought this Kelty Lumapivot light, but never ended up using it as I found another solution I liked better. It's been out of the box, but that's about the extent of the wear. I still have the new packaging. Sells for $54.95 on the Kelty website. $35 SHIPPED CONUS
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    SOLD: Triple Aught Design Skeleton Key

    Selling my TAD Skeleton Key. Key has been used on a key chain for the last year and a half. It shows surface scratches and wear with a few dings, but consider it "patina" and you don't have to worry about making the first mark yourself. :) $90 Shipped CONUS From TAD's website: Our Skeleton...
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    FS: Kelty Soft Top Tables (socal)

    Bought (2) of these and never used them, but they might be good for a family or someone with kids. All the specs and dimensions are on the Kelty website > They sell for $39 new. Looking for $20 each and located in...
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    SOLD: Slatgrill "Trail" Edition (socal)

    I bought this thinking it would be great for family camping, but it was going to be a little too small for our needs. I think it would be great for those traveling solo or couples, but 3+ might be stretching it. It has been set up a couple times, but never cooked on. It's essentially "new" for...
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    SOLD: Front Runner Original Slimline Rack for FJ Cruiser (SoCal)

    I am selling my original one-piece Front Runner Slimline roof rack as I have a new one on order. The rack has been heavily used, but has consistently performed flawlessly. It really has become a great asset and come in quite handy on numerous occasions. As those of us with FJ Cruisers know...
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    SOLD: Snow Peak Red Folding Chair (SoCal)

    NIB Snow Peak Red Folding Chair Found here on the SP website: Updated! $50 cash local pickup (Glendale/Burbank area) // $65 shipped CONUS
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    1HZ Diesel FJ80 in NorCal

    Pretty clean considering 250K miles on the truck ...
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    CL: Convertible FJ60 $20K

    Can't say that I've seen this setup before ...
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    SOLD: Snow Peak Tripod Stand w/ Case

    Pretty badass setup from Snow Peak for over the campfire cooking. Got it earlier this year, but it hasn't seen any action yet so I'm selling it. It's been out of the box and setup, but never cooked on or used. Sells for $160 new from Snow Peak's website. Tripod legs are adjustable height...
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    SOLD: Howling Moon Cutlery Utensil Roll

    Description and photos above from Sierra Expedition ... The Howling Moon Cutlery Holder is the essential piece of equipment you never knew you needed. The cutlery holder neatly stores all your cutlery and keeps them dry and dust-free. More importantly, it keeps all those individual pieces from...
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    SOLD: Snow Peak GS-100A Backpacker Stove

    Have an extra Snow Peak GigaPower GS-100A backpacker stove for sale. Don't have the outer cardboard packaging it came in, but do have the plastic travel case. Stove has never been used, but the auto-igniter was just tested and works fine. Same stove as featured here on the Snow Peak site >...
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    SOLD: (2) 5.11 Tactical Red 2400 Bags

    Bought (3) of these a couple months back as I was planning to make some "go to" emergency bags for the vehicles and the house. Tested one of them and have it ready to go at the house. Found that I'd want a different size for the truck and car as they have a different set of requirements/needs so...
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    SOLD: Flatfire Fold Flat Chimney

    Own one and love it. Folds flat for easy storage and for packing in your rig. Biggest fold flat chimney on the market and US made. I have a second one (the one I'm selling) that's been taken out of the box, but never used. More details >>...
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    Got to love a good Mog ... One day! :)
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    A Defender 110, but not. How about a Santana PS-10?

    Interesting truck for sure ... Even though it's in Alabama, good luck getting it registered smoothly.
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    2006 AEV Brute Pickup

    '06 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon converted to an AEV Brute pickup in 2012:
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    SOLD: Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel (LA area)

    Same one as shown here ... Have used it for the past couple of years on and off and it worked great. Has some scratches and wear. Selling due to dead Goal Zero power packs that aren't covered under warranty any more (they don't hold...