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  1. AlwaysExplr87

    Looking to lift a new purchase - Dodge B3500

    Also might want to give U-joint offroad a call. They are in Asheville, NC so a good ways away from you but they should have some knowledge and if you ever want a 4wd conversion they do phenomenal work.
  2. AlwaysExplr87

    Berta: A 2004 F150 Overlanding Build

    Nice looking truck. Your pictures have me missing Wilmington. Glad to see another East NC guy on here.
  3. AlwaysExplr87

    new Chevy Colorado

    Meh, it is what it is. I'm not what you would call a Toyota fan boy. I'm following this thread looking to get out of my Tacoma. That's great, haven't had that experience but I've haven't been paying much attention since I bought my Taco in '07. Everything I had before that seemed to get 3-4 mpg...
  4. AlwaysExplr87

    new Chevy Colorado

    While these may be the EPA numbers my 2.7l access cab Tacoma gets 23-25 consistently on the highway and never sees less than 21 with mixed driving. Given EPA numbers are typically higher than real world numbers I don't think the Colorado will win in the area. The Colorado does have a few more...
  5. AlwaysExplr87

    The 2015 Chevy Colorado build and price is up. Anyone excited? Anyone ordered?

    Been busy with grad school and on a bit of a hiatus from the site but have been eyeing these colorados with the diesel option. It makes a lot of sense for me. I used to drive an f350 for work and hate driving anything bigger than a midsize honestly. That was a big factor in picking my Tacoma...
  6. AlwaysExplr87

    northern expedition build

    Looking forward to reading about this. I just acquired a 1980 f350 DRW 2wd with a 351M from a friend at work for free and have been planning to do a similar build. I'm currently trying to get the 351 unseized and gathering the parts for a 4wd swap. What size tire are you currently running? Do...
  7. AlwaysExplr87

    2011 Tacoma Regular Cab

    Congratulations, you will love the truck. I have an 07 just like yours and it fits the bill perfectly. You should get around 25 mpg mixed stock and I get 22-24 mpg with 265/75s and a cap. I would caution you to watch the weight you add to this truck, it piles on quick and while I feel my truck...
  8. AlwaysExplr87

    2011 Tacoma Regular Cab

    15" wheels will not fit on the new tacomas (31x10.50s are generally only made for a 15" wheel). The stock 245/75/16s are around 30.5" tall and 9.5" wide. You can easily fit a 265/70/16 which is the equivalent to a 31x10.50 or a 265/75/16 which is equivalent to a 32x10.50. These can both be ran...
  9. AlwaysExplr87

    Ollie's "BugEater" Build

    Whoa! I get claustrophobic just looking at that thing, and to think I thought the stock FJC I test drove felt crowded haha. Nice build though. One of the cleanest and most thorough FJC builds I have seen. Good work and glad it works well for your needs.
  10. AlwaysExplr87

    Super hardcore offroad- considering ditching the tacoma for a vw wagon

    My truck gets very good mileage and I doubt a ute would do much better and I would lose alot of space. bushmaster- Love the A4. I wish they would offer the TDI in more of an allroad/subi type setup. Also, I plan to get a cheap older f-250 4x4 to pull truck duties. I plan to be getting back...
  11. AlwaysExplr87

    Super hardcore offroad- considering ditching the tacoma for a vw wagon

    I've pretty much decided on the waggy but am waiting for a good deal and to make a decision about my next job. I will be getting a better to handle truck duty after a few months with the car. Glad to hear you like the car, hopefully I will too. I will have to change a few things about the way I...
  12. AlwaysExplr87

    Super hardcore offroad- considering ditching the tacoma for a vw wagon

    Test drove the TDI. I really liked it, rode awesome, good power, plenty of room. I did have a hard time sitting so low and feeling like I was being driven over by everything. I'm waiting to see what the salesman can do, so far they tried to rape me with a rediculous APR. The car I drove was a...
  13. AlwaysExplr87

    Super hardcore offroad- considering ditching the tacoma for a vw wagon

    I am going to go test drive one this afternoon. I really dont know how I feel about driving a car daily but we will see. If only Toyota would pull their heads out and offer the D4D over here! Maybe I should smuggle in a D4D on my central america trip and start a swaperooski. How is VW owner...
  14. AlwaysExplr87

    Super hardcore offroad- considering ditching the tacoma for a vw wagon

    Let me start of by saying, im kind of a greenie. I hike more than I wheel and feel bad about driving around in anything with less than 20 mpg average. I know alot of people here have differing opinions about fuel consumption but was looking for some imput on something I have been thinking hard...
  15. AlwaysExplr87

    stroM's 4x4 TRD OR Build

    Very clean build. I have konig envy. Is that the newer allpro bumper?
  16. AlwaysExplr87

    Sub-Compact Overlander

    great, now off to look chase some other wild automotive unicorn. And to think I thought finding a halfway decent rabbit truck around here was difficult. Very cool little car.
  17. AlwaysExplr87

    Sub-Compact Overlander

    Been following this thread for a while and have been considering a new DD, possibly sub-compact expedition rig and have always had a thing for the small and quirky. The LWB Zuk is a thing of dreams, very beautiful! What I have always wanted to do was take a VW rabbit pickup, drop in a 1.9 TDI...
  18. AlwaysExplr87

    “Tundra Sportsman” Concept Truck

    Worst snorkel ever. I heard walmart was going to start carrying an all inclusive package, you just drop your truck off and they throw on all the tacky things they have in the auto section. Is this the demo? Also, have we really gotten to the point where we are too lazy to walk more than 25...
  19. AlwaysExplr87

    The 3rd Gen Build

    R.I.P. bench seat R.I.P.!!! I can fully understand wanting to ditch the bench. Buckets are more comfortable, but there is just something I love about a bench seat. It must have something to do with highschool and girls being able to sit sooo close on a bench... What seats did you put in it...
  20. AlwaysExplr87

    Help us choose... Tacoma vs. Tundra

    I will say that the seats in my SR5 are not the best. Anything up to 3 or 4 hours is cool but after that pressure points start to plague me. Of the 2500 silverados and f250/350s Ive driven they were a little better to sit in for extended periods of time. The TRD seats might be better but I dont...