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  1. johnspark

    Bantam T3-C Trailer Parts

    I have some original parts from a Bantam T3-C trailer built in 1945. These were on trailer number 262. I modified the trailer and these are the leftover parts that I didn't use. Parts include: Wheels - Yes, they're the two piece combat type. Axle Foot Fulton Hitch Hardware I can send pictures...
  2. johnspark

    Haming it up finally

    So I got a Technician Class study guide and a Kenwood TM-281A mobile unit. I've picked a test date of 8/22/16 to shoot for and now I'm studying like a school child again. :violent-smiley-031: I don't know diddly about Ham, but I do know that the jacknapes on CB channel 6 and 11 are killing it...
  3. johnspark

    Axle issue

    I need some help if y'all don't mind. I have an axle that I need to order, but I've been told it is not possible by the dealer. (trailerpartsdepot) They say the length is too short and the hubs won't fit the axle. The dimensions are as follows: Hub face to Hub face = 52" Brake flange = Yes...
  4. johnspark

    The Georgia Bantam build

    I've been following the builds on this forum for a while now and I've taken the plunge and started my own. Thanks to all who have shared their work. It will certainly help me make the right decisions the first time. So here is the 1945 era Bantam T3-C serial number 265 that was found in a barn...