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  1. PCO6

    so you say you can weld...

    The axle would be close to being in the right position … if the tongue came out of the other end! Not sure what the guy was thinking with that addition but he would figure out pretty quickly that he did it wrong.
  2. PCO6

    My first Adventure Trailer Build

    I have 4.5" between the top of the tire and the underside of my fenders and it seems to work fine. You're not going to need as much for the angled sides of the fenders and it's quite easy to adjust them to your liking. I made small cuts in the steel, spread them to where I thought was good...
  3. PCO6

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I went to check out the new Gladiators recently. I think I'll stick with what I have … especially at that price!
  4. PCO6

    XJ and offroad teardrop

    Jon - Is there one button I can push to like ALL of your posts? You've got a lot of projects going on … and they're all good! One question re the 3rd pic of this post. I'm building a rack for my XJ. Do you recall where you got the gutter supports (6) to hold your rack up? I was going to...
  5. PCO6

    Need Welding Advice - Concerned About Quality

    From the looks of his shop it seems that he makes a mess of things in general.
  6. PCO6

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Nice build. Yours is similar in concept to the Coachmen Clipper Express base model ( ).
  7. PCO6

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Thanks. I haven't had a chance to take any inside pics of mine yet but here are some from the web. It's quite comfortable and it sure is nice to be able to stand up in it. The lid goes up and down in about 3 minutes. With the interior panels unzipped it's quite airy. It has a fridge...
  8. PCO6

    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    I picked up a Clipper Express 9.0td a few days ago. These are a few pics of it on the way home. The last one is from web and shows the trailer opened up. I have plans to modify it (larger axle, wheels, flat fenders, kayak & bike racks, etc.) and will start as soon as I get my thoughts...
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    As far as buckets go … that's a bucket.
  10. PCO6

    Which Jeep Model & Why?

    I did! :) For just over $25,000 CDN I bought a TJ, LJ, XJ & MJ. All 4 were in great original condition and all are daily drivers. I use some over others for specific reasons but they cover my needs nicely. I always have something to drive and something to wrench on.
  11. PCO6

    Is there something between a teardrop and a regular caravan?

    ratled - I have lots of plans "in my head" but figure that it will be best to use it as is for a few trips first. I like the basic concept. If I find that the quality, durability, etc. isn't going to be good in the long run or simply that the dimensions are a bit "off" I might just use it as...
  12. PCO6

    Edge protection?

    I've used drywall metal J molding on some plywood and MDF projects. It's easy to cut and bend and usually presses on without the need for fasteners. I think you'll be limited to 1/4" (rare), 1/2" and 5/8" thicknesses though.
  13. PCO6

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Here are my Jeeps... '04 LJ '03 TJ '89 XJ '88 MJ
  14. PCO6

    What are the BEST pop-up campers???

    This pop up doesn't meet the OP's criteria for 4 people but for 2 it's something to consider. I'm getting ours in a few weeks. I fully expect to have some problems with it but that's OK. I'm looking forward to modifying it.
  15. PCO6

    Is there something between a teardrop and a regular caravan?

    Just revisiting this thread because I'm about to take delivery of a Clipper Express 9.0TD. It's a "light duty" tear drop with a pop up lid that will allow me to stand up inside. It's definitely NOT off road ready … but it will be fun to make that way. I bought it in large part because I...
  16. PCO6

    Hardware to hold up outside table

    I use a ladder/platform for accessing the roof rack and attach a bamboo table top when I want it for that purpose.
  17. PCO6

    1990 Comanche Build - The Wilderbeest

    02rangeredge - Once you have one they find you! I parked my MJ in the old cars corral at a big auto flea market near here. A guy parked next to me in a nice old Dodge pick. He got out and told me he had one for sale. That was the barn car. A few months later I had 2 MJ's in my driveway...
  18. PCO6

    1990 Comanche Build - The Wilderbeest

    agamble - I drive mine a lot too and it's great! No doubt you've noticed the dumb things people do to get a look at yours. I had a guy drive full tilt across a Home Depot lot right at me. He slowed down swerved then yelled out the window ... "nice truck" (idiot). You're right about the...
  19. PCO6

    1990 Comanche Build - The Wilderbeest

    02 rangeredge - I agree ... 80's tastic - (y) . The first thing I noticed on the barn car was the sport bar and that was from about 50 yards away. I removed it, blasted some minor rust, repainted it and put it on my good MJ. It came with all of the proper brackets and a set of driving...
  20. PCO6

    1990 Comanche Build - The Wilderbeest

    Great thread! I really like the work your doing and that Wildernest top is neat to see. I'll be following this thread for sure. (y) Comanche's are fun to drive and attract a lot of attention. You don't "see yourself" driving down the road very often. Here's my MJ next to my XJ ... I...