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  1. dtc81

    Built a 3rd Gen Tacoma Bumper

    A good friend of mine recently hit a deer and took out his factory front bumper. We decided the only logical thing was to make a new one. His requests were: -2" receiver for recovery and or potential winch plate mounting in the future -flush mount Rigid amber fog lights angled towards the side...
  2. dtc81

    dtc81's Do-It-All 3rd Gen 4Runner Build

    After lurking here for quite a while, I think it's time I post up a condensed build thread of my 1999 4Runner SR5 manual. I have a build over on as well. This is a bit picture heavy, but there's carnage, lots of fabrication, wheelin', campin', and a well-loved feel free to...
  3. dtc81

    Built a bed rack for my father's Tacoma

    My father recently bought a 2009 Tacoma TRD Sport, which is his daily driver. He does a lot of camping and backpacking, and is a woodworker by trade. He had dreamed up this idea of a roof rack that would allow him to carry long lengths of material, be able to keep his Truxedo tonneau cover, AND...