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  1. Dmski

    Snorkel Prefilter

    Hey all, Wondering what peoples recommendations are on snorkel prefilters. I'm looking for options to suppress dust ingest offroad, but that can be left on for bugs and ish for onroad. These are the options I'm seeing. Unifilter foam insert or cover on the snorkel head (oiled) Cheap women's...
  2. Dmski

    2nd Gen Xterra/Frontiers: What have you broken?

    Yea, yea I know we have great rigs and they are reliable. But they can and do break. We hate to admit this but honestly I want to know as much as possible to figure out what spares are necessary to take for short trips and long trips. This is aimed at getting a collection of people stating stuff...
  3. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2006 Xterra

    It's official! The new X is in, and the old X is out. Some of you know the reasoning behind why I've sold the 2000 Xterra but I'll reiterate. While the first gen was a great option, I was tired of an anemic power plant that would barely let me pass on the freeways (I had it loaded down with...
  4. Dmski

    Pathy Questions

    Hey guys I'm not sure whether to message people like Stioc or others so I apologize if this is redundant but hopefully it will answer questions for people like me. So currently I have a 2000 Nissan Xterra and it has been a great vehicle, but just seriously underpowered with the 5 speed it has...
  5. Dmski

    Yellow Lighting Question

    Hey all, Lighting has been a trial and error thing for me. Initially I had 4 Hella 500ff's mounted on the roof of my Xterra and moved them due to light glare. What good is auxiliary lights if you can't see when you use them?! I've been extremely pleased with them on the front of the car but...
  6. Dmski

    DMSKI's 2000 Xterra slow build

    I'm a huge fan of Expedition Portal and hope I can start documenting my travels and build here. Since I frequent this site the most, I figure I should probably start putting a build thread together on here so I can keep track of the progress (and troubles) of my xterra and so that others can...