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    What's my van worth: 2001 E350 powerstroke 7.3, quigley, extended, high roof 151K miles

    I'm toying with the idea of selling my van and replacing it with an AWD 2020 ford transit. My van has served me well on trips from the arctic ocean to the guatemalan border, but I've only used 4 low once, and would like to trade off road ability for better street manners. Here's a quick...
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    Better front rotors for 2001 Quigley E350?

    I've got an E350 with the stock Quigley 4wd conversion. Every time I let someone else drive it in the mountains they overuse the brake, and my front brake rotors get overheated and warped. Are there any aftermarket better quality rotors (maybe slotted?) that I can upgrade to in order to solve...
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    small and large solar systems for sale

    I have 3 solar systems for sale: 1) goal zero venture 30 solar kit. includes 7800 mAh recharger with dual USB ports and nomad 7 solar panel. Brand new in original box. $150 includes US shipping 2) Enerplex kickr IV folding solar panel recharger. Puts out 6 watts@5 volts (1.2 amps). Brand...
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    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    After 6 months and dozens of phone calls and emails to Ramsey without a single response I've decided to give up on trying to get an agile RIP for my quigley van. I don't know if it's just horrible customer service or other problems, but the bottom line is that unless you've got the time to...
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    FS: Used SKB R2423 drybox

    This is a rotomolded drybox, comparable to a pelican case. Interior dimensions are 24'x23"x17" tall. Asking $100
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    Pelican 1740 case brand new

    Brand new black pelican 1740 case. still in the original shipping box from pelican. No foam. $199 plus shipping from salt lake, or pick up locally.
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    Large rotomolded SKB drybox

    This is a large rotomolded drybox, originally intended for shipping high end electronics or music equipment. It's totally waterproof, with a gasket and pressure release valve, similar to a pelican case. Perfect for protecting gear mounted on your roof, trailer, or the back of your truck...
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    Pelican 1620 wheeled case for sale

    Used, but in perfect condition. Had foam glued in at one time in the past. Totally waterproof, including pressure relief valve. Inside dimensions 21.5"x16.5"x12.5". Retail price is $392.95, asking $150+shipping or free pickup in salt lake.
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    universal fit swivel seat base

    I bought 2 of these, but ended up only using one. It's dirty from storage, but brand new. It was advertised as "universal fit" (see all the mounting holes on the photo of the base plate) but only 3 of the holes matched up with my 2001 E350, so no guarantees that that you won't have to drill a...
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    WTB: rear sway bar, upgraded springs, air bags, bilstein shocks 2001 Quigley E-350

    t Title pretty much says it all. I'm looking to upgrade the suspension on my stock 2001 quigley ford E-350 on the cheap, and would be interested in take-off parts. Let me know what you've got.
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    Adding Vacuum insulated panels to my waeco fridge

    I picked up a few cheap Vacuum insulated panels at an auction and would like to use them to add an extra layer of insulation to my waeco portable fridge in order to reduce the power consumption. The panels themselves are 1" thick and rated at R40. I'd like some feedback to see if my idea makes...
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    Roof rack/platform for van or other large vehicle

    For sale: Custom made roof rack/roof platform for EB van or other large expedition vehicle. The rack is about 10' longx5' wide with app. 6" high sides and was mounted on a 2001 ford extended body van. It comes with a side ladder. It's sitting on top of my carport so I don't have any...
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    FS: 2 rolls (100 sqft) of fatmat sound deadening insulation

    SOLD I have 2 rolls of fatmat sound deadening left over from a project, and thought I'd see if anyone here wanted it before posting it on ebay. Each roll is 18" x 33.3', for a total of 100 sqft.. Brand new, but a little dirty from storage. $125 + actual shipping, or pick up in salt lake.
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    40 mil Strataglass (eisenglass) clear vinyl for sale

    I have 5 brand new sheets of 40 mil strataglass (eisenglass) for sale. Each sheet measures 54"x110". This is the stuff used for boat cockpit enclosures and the windows in vehicle soft tops. It sells on ebay for around $250/sheet. Located in salt lake city. Asking $100/sheet plus actual...
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    cracked subframe 2001 quigley E350

    It looks like the front subframe of my quigley E350 is cracked on both sides. Not sure when this happened, but It's been a couple of years since I've even use 4-lo. Has this happened to anyone else? Can it be repaired/welded, or do I need to order replacement parts from Quigley?
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    $3 for a 6 watt 12V LED interior light I'm not affiliated with this site, just passing on what seems like a good deal. In case the link doesn't work go to ledshoppe dot com and look under LED car light.
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    Edgestar fridge actual power consumption numbers

    I picked up a scratch-and-dent edgestar 63 fridge right before the new year, and decided to do a couple of experiments to see what the actual power consumption was. I'm sharing the info here in case anyone else is interested: Testing setup: In order to make the tests repeatable I performed...
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    Pieces and parts garage sale in Utah

    I've got some odds and ends left over from my van build. I'm leaving for Mexico in a few weeks and don't have time to take/post photos or deal with shipping, but if anybody local to the salt lake area is interested in coming by to check them out I'm open to reasonable offers. If they don't...
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    military surplus aluminum drybox/storage box

    Clamshell aluminum box with rubber gasket seal. App. 36" x 20" x 20". $45. Located in salt lake city.
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    ZODI hot water on demand portable shower

    This runs on a disposable propane tank and 4 D batteries. Pretty nice for impromptu roadside cleanup! Used, in good condition. $45. Located in salt lake.