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  1. marc olivares

    Solarex SX20 .....SOLD

    SOLD SX20 solar panel with Specialty Concepts regulator 12v 20 watt panel $50 buyer pays shipping from SLC, 84106 will ship in 24"x19"x6" box weighing marc
  2. marc olivares

    Powertank 10lb ..... SOLD

    SOLD 10lb powertank, regulator, hose, guard, mounting bracket. light use, some very minor scuffs. excellent cond. tagged 01/30/07 $250 buyer pays shipping from SLC, 84106 will ship in a 12"x12"x24" box weighing 25lbs marc
  3. marc olivares

    Wedco NON-CARB cans..... SOLD

    (2) non carb Fuel cans... $75 each (1) non-carb fuel spout...$20 (2) water cans...$40 each (1) highlift jack off-road base...$20 SOLD marc
  4. marc olivares

    USGS Topo software Utah & Arizona (PC)

    USGS Topo software Utah & Arizona (PC) retails for $50 each $40 for both shipped paypal preferred
  5. marc olivares

    pelican 1650 padded divider set

    pelican 1650 padded divider set retails for $80 $40 shipped never used, excellent cond. paypal preferred
  6. marc olivares

    Got Shower?

    so since Sinuhe let the cat out of the bag, i thought i'd give you a teaser of a mod i did recently. i'm currently working on a tech article for Discoweb on how to put one of these kits together, but it's not quite finished yet. the tech will include how to build the heat exchanger, and where...
  7. marc olivares

    sportmobile fuel mileage?

    hey all.... for those w/ SMB's, what kinda mileage are you getting when loaded for a trip? in town mileage? highway mileage? etc... interested in both gasser and diesel numbers, but want only 4x4 models. please provide tire size/gearing too. speak up, whatcha gettin' thanks
  8. marc olivares

    few quesions for Mr. Badger

    Eric, i've just spent the last hour or so, soaking up your wonderful little blog on your SMB. great stuff man, thanks for putting it out on the net... now having done that, i do have a few questions for you and thought the board might find useful too. i'm thinking about pulling the trigger...