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    Cabin filter for Gen 2 & 2.5. A quick guide.

    Here's a quick rundown for a cabin filter mod I did on my 2000 Montero. The filter install requires the removal of some plastic mesh above the blower motor. You can replace the filter with the speaker removed. To cut out the plastic, it'd be easier to pull the glove box. The filter needs to...
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    Passenger Side CV Joint Compatibility: 1995 to 2000

    I just swapped a 1995 front differential assembly into my 2000 Montero. Upon inspection, the bolt patterns for the passanger side CV joint flange is different. As shown in the pictures below. Note I've drawn the year on the flange for reference. I have already tried a CV joint from a 1995...
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    Remote Start on a Gen 2.5?

    Anyone here have any experience with a remote start setup on their Gen 2.5? I'm tempted to install a module, but don't want reliability issues with the OEM immobilizer system. Thanks in advance for any tips you can provide!
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    Not So Modest 2000 (Gen 2.5) Montero Build

    Well - I took my wife's advice and drove off the deep end and bought a second Montero. This time it's a two tone red/gray 2000 Montero Endeavor. Some of you may recognize my other build thread for a tan Gen 3: Modest 2002 Montero Build. This project will be in stages over the next year or two...
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    Modest 2002 Montero Build

    Picked up a 2002 Montero for winter duty and to haul car parts a few months back. Since we picked up the car, we're slowly going over the car and sorting out all the deferred maintenance. We've also been going camping with the car a bit and getting used to what the car is capable of actually...