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  1. DUTCH

    P3 is back up and running, The list owner moved it to a new hosting company with - hopefully - a more reliable server. However, your old bookmark to the site might not work. It did not for me. I had to start with the simple link: to get to the website. I then...
  2. DUTCH

    2000 G500 Neiman Marcus Limited Edition For Sale

    See here:
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    Ultimate Glamping

    Here's the ultimate.
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    SOLD - Kimberley Karavan For Sale

    I have decided to put my 2013 Kimberley Karavan X-Series up for sale. We just do not use it enough to justify the investment and the yearly maintenance costs. All problems have been fixed and numerous improvements have been made. It is a better unit than what left the factory in Ballina. I...
  5. DUTCH

    Happy 39th Birthday Gwagen

    Production started on the Gwagen in Graz, Austria 39 yrs ago today, 9 February 1979. Happy Birthday Gwagen!
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    Iridium GO HotSpot ?

    Anyone used and have experience with the Iridium GO HotSpot? I'm planning a trip to Alaska through British Columbia and Yukon Territories, and it would be nice to have a reliable emergency communicator. There's lots of no cell coverage up there. Even to rent they aren't cheap. Anyone?
  7. DUTCH

    Custom Splice?

    Has anyone had any difficulties ordering from Custom Splice lately? A little over a year ago I had them make a short custom line for use with the winch to raise the top on my Kimberley Karavan; and they did a very nice job. Due to a ragged edge in the karavan fraying the line, I need a...
  8. DUTCH

    Happy Birthday G-Wagen 36 Years !

    36 years ago today, February 9, 1979, production was started for the G-Wagen in Graz, Austria. Happy 36 Years!
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    Caveat Emptor

    There is an Ebay seller in St Petersburg, FL who is pushing a slew of older G's imported from Europe. He claims they are all diesels. However, the VIN's he provides all too frequently do not agree with the engine or the year model he claims. It's true that they could have had an engine...
  10. DUTCH

    FS - Kimberley Karavan

    I am selling my ultimate off-road 2013 Kimberley Karavan. It is loaded and has a transferable factory warranty good through April 15, 2014. Many photos can be viewed in the bottom 3 rows of this gallery. Click the thumbnails for larger views.
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    P3 Down

    The P3 server crashed. It will require new hardware and a reinstallation of the backed up database. It should be back up in a day or three.
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    SOLD - FS - Moeller Scepter Vented Diesel Can (5 Gal Military Style)

    I am selling this never used military style non-CARB compliant vented 5 gallon diesel fuel can made for Moeller Marine by Scepter in Canada. These are no longer available in the US, since they are not CARB compliant. This a plus, since many CARB compliant nozzles are a serious pita to use...
  13. DUTCH

    SOLD! - FS - Therm-A-Rest Luxury Camp Pad XL

    Since I now have the Kimberley Karavan, I no longer have a need for this excellent sleeping pad; so I am selling a lightly used, like new Therm-A-Rest Luxury Camp Pad XL, complete with Stuff Sack. It is in excellent condition with no stains, tears, punctures, repairs or abrasions. It has...
  14. DUTCH

    FS - Australian Treg Off-Road Trailer Hitch

    See here for details:
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    FS - Australian Treg Off-Road Trailer Hitch

    I am selling a like new Australian Treg A800 Off-Road Hitch complete. It is rated at 3000 kg. It was delivered new on my Kimberley Karavan and only used to pull it from Los Angeles to Atlanta - 2500 highway miles. It is complete with all mounting hardware. The vehicle side yoke is currently...
  16. DUTCH

    KimberleyKaravan #2 in US

    Took delivery of our KimberleyKaravan on April 15 in Los Angeles, and drove it cross country to Atlanta with stops in Tucson, Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Since it was all highway miles across the US, we used our Audi Q7 3.0 TDI for the diesel fuel...
  17. DUTCH

    SALE PENDING - Maggiolina Air Top Carbon Medium Roof Top Tent

    After knee surgery, climbing a ladder up to and down from my RTT is just not the easiest task to perform; so I'm putting my barely used Maggiolina Air Top Carbon Medium RTT up for sale. It has only been used for three (3) nights, and is in completely blemish free, like new condition with the...
  18. DUTCH

    SOLD - MSR Mutha Hubba 3-Person Tent and Footprint - New, Never Used

    I am selling a new and never used MSR Mutha Hubba 3-Person Backpacking Tent and an MSR Mutha Hubba Footprint (ground cloth) for the tent. Neither have been used, although the tent was set up one time without the fly on my lawn for about 15 minutes to be sure I knew how to do it. Includes tent...
  19. DUTCH

    FS - Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp Regular - Never Used

    I have a brand new, never used Therm-A-Rest BaseCamp Regular self-inflating mattress for sale. It is 20" x 72" x 2". Here's a link to Cascade Designs web page on the item. It was purchased a year ago for...
  20. DUTCH

    SOLD - Maggiolina Air Top RTT For Sale

    I know this is not a For Sale Forum. However, before I list it in the EP For Sale Forum, I thought I'd give fellow G owners a first shot; since it is currently set up specifically to be mounted on a LWB Gwagen. Go here for details...