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    Water Pressure Switch

    I bought a small RV water pump but didn't realize its not automatic. Does anyone know if I can buy a small inline pressure switch so I can make it automatic where it shuts off when the lines are pressurized? I haven't had much luck searching for them.
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    3" round lights

    I have a pair of holes 3" diameter I want to put a couple aux reverse lights in, I can find plenty of 4" and some small ones but would like some 3" so that fit nicely. Any ideas?
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    My 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Build

    I've added a few mods to my truck so I thought I'd combine them to one thread. Nothing big yet like a lift, just small details as I get started. I'm trying to take my family outdoors often for health and exercise and learning so my truck is becoming out base camp for outings. So first off...
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    Adding roof rack to fiberglass truck cap

    I want to add a rack to the top of my fiberglass truck cap to allow me to move some gear to the top. I can't decide between welding up some tubing or going to the junk yard and pull one off of a suv, any one does either and have pros or cons of each way? I know I'll need to reinforce the inside...